Kid Harvest

Weekend Details

Kid Harvest Service Times

Nursery: 10am, 2pm and 7pm
Preschool: 10am, 2pm and 7pm
Jr. Church: 10am & 7pm ONLY

Drop-off/Pick-up Locations

Nursery: C-Wing
Preschool: B-Wing
Jr. Church: D-Wing Common/Murphy Gym/ HPS High School

Weekend Events

Friday @ 7pm: Incompatible
Isn’t it frustrating when a cool new game comes out but it’s not on the game system you own? Just as some games and game consoles are incompatible, some things are incompatible with being a Christian. God wants us to focus our minds on things that are good and true.
Event: Your video game dreams are coming true! A "Mario Kart"-inspired racetrack.

Saturday @ 7pm: Multi-Player Game
Some games are just better when you have more players involved. God didn’t intend for us to play the game of life alone. He wants us to have friends and live in community with other believers.
Event: Splatoon! Kids will battle in an all out color war!
Items Needed: Change of clothes, white shirts and towel.

Sunday @ 10am: Game Over
Every game has an end – and then what? You start a new game. Life on Earth has an end too, but that doesn’t mean the end of us. We can have an adventure that lasts forever if we believe in Jesus.
Event: Water Warfare! Kids will have a blast with water slide and slip n slide races.
Items Needed: Change of clothes, and towel.