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Approximately 76% of Haitians live on less than two dollars per day. Nearly 56% live on less than one dollar. Children die of starvation and treatable diseases each year. In fact, one in five children will be dead before their fifth birthday. Almost half a million children grow up as orphans. Hundreds of thousands more are in slavery. Their parents often die from AIDS. Daily nourishment is found in local garbage dumps, the consumption of which leads to deadly infection. When the dump is picked clean, they eat dirt. Sometimes discarded babies are found among the trash.

The depth of poverty struck the heart of Bridge of Hope partners and friends as they learned of the country’s plight. They funded Bridge of Hope’s distribution of 300,000 pounds of food and medical supplies. Without the clear determination of BOH partners to further the tangible love of Christ, many children would not survive. But because of their selflessness, the chasm between despair and hope was securely bridged.

Click here to help provide health and nourishment to impoverished brothers and sisters and preach the gospel to a lost and hurting world through our Breakthrough television broadcast.


Stories of Hope:

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Almost half a million children in Haiti grow up as orphans...


Bridge of Hope delivers 300,000 lbs. of food, medical supplies to poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Prayer Focus Points:

An ever-increasing open door to share the Gospel.

Continued research and funding to help stop the AIDS virus.

Increased awareness of the economical and physical plight of the nation.

Country Details:

Land area: 10,641 sq mi (27,560 sq km); total area: 10,714 sq mi (27,750 sq km)

Population (2008 est.): 8,924,553 (growth rate: 2.4%); birth rate: 35.6/1000; infant mortality rate: 62.3/1000; life expectancy: 57.5; density per sq km: 323

Ethnicity/race: black 95%, mulatto and white 5%

Literacy rate: 53% (2003 est.)

Religions: Roman Catholic 80%, Protestant 16% (Baptist 10%, Pentecostal 4%, Adventist 1%, other 1%), other 3%, none 1%. Note: roughly half the population practices Vaudou


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