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Kosovo, part of the former Republic of Yugoslavia, fell victim to the Balkan War’s ethnic cleansing as Serbs and Albanians fought for control of the country. Over 600,000 residents-turned-refugees headed for the border in search of shelter and food. Refugee camps ridden with disease struggled to house the sick and starving with insufficient resources on every side.

Bridge of Hope delivered one million pounds of aid including food, blankets, and medical supplies to the Kosovo border refugee camps. If not for Bridge of Hope’s quick response, the people who received aid would have died waiting for it. Due to the authentic heart of compassion within BOH partners and friends, suffering people experienced the tangible love of Christ.

Click here to aid in equipping Bridge of Hope to enter dangerous areas where people are in need and preach the gospel to a lost and hurting world through the Breakthrough television broadcast.



Balkan war refugees supplied with one million pounds of food, medical supplies, made possible by Bridge of Hope partners.

Prayer Focus Points:

For the good news of Jesus Christ to be presented unashamedly to those who so desperately need to hear it.

That peace would reign in a country that has experienced many years of internal conflict.

For those who were displaced by the Balkan ethnic cleansings would be able to return not only to their homes, but also to a more normal sense of existence.

Country Details:

Total area: 4,211 sq mi (10,908 sq km)

Population (2007 est.): 2,126,708;

Ethnicity/race: Albanians 88%, Serbs 7%, other 5%

Religion: Muslim, Serbian Orthodox, Roman Catholic


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