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Rebel forces in Uganda have turned the nation against itself as they seek to establish a theocracy based on a perverse interpretation of the Bible and the 10 commandments. Over 30,000 children have been abducted by Joseph Kony’s “Lord’s Resistance Army” and used as its soldiers to cleanse Uganda of the Alcholi people. These children are often forced to cut off family members’ body parts or even kill them, thus eliminating the possibility of going home if that child escapes. If an escape attempt is successful, the child will most likely join the 1.5 million people displaced by the conflict in disease-ridden refugee camps having little or no food. As many as 1,500 have died in a single week in these camps.

Bridge of Hope partners and friends, moved by the country’s plight, took initiative to sponsor a clinic, providing its medical supplies and staff. Another community in Africa was therefore equipped to treat diseases such as Malaria; a disease which would have otherwise been a death sentence. The medical team in Uganda watched a desperate father struggle down the path to the BOH-sponsored clinic. He had walked for miles. In his arms: his precious, lifeless child. Because the clinic was there, the boy was tested and treated for the disease with medical supplies provided by BOH and his life was spared.

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Maimed or injured civilians forced from their homes find refuge in Bridge of Hope-sponsored clinic.

Prayer Focus Points:

Radical salvation and conversion of Joseph Kony, the leader of the “Lord’s Resistance Army”.

Ability and funding to continue to supply clinics with the necessary medical supplies to help treat diseases such as malaria.

The light of the Gospel to shine in a dark, conflict-torn country.

Country Details:

Land area: 77,108 sq mi (199,710 sq km); total area: 91,135 sq mi (236,040 sq km)

Population (2007 est.): 30,262,610 (growth rate: 3.6%); birth rate: 48.1/1000; infant mortality rate: 67.2/1000; life expectancy: 51.8; density per sq mi: 392

Ethnicity/race: Baganda 17%, Ankole 8%, Basoga 8%, Iteso 8%, Bakiga 7%, Langi 6%, Rwanda 6%, Bagisu 5%, Acholi 4%, Lugbara 4%, Batoro 3%, Bunyoro 3%, Alur 2%, Bagwere 2%, Bakonjo 2%, Jopodhola 2%, Karamojong 2%, Rundi 2%, non-African (European, Asian, Arab) 1%, other 8%

Literacy rate: 70% (2003 est.)

Religions: Roman Catholic 33%, Protestant 33%, Islam 16%, indigenous beliefs 18%


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