Breakthrough Covenant Partnership
Covenant Partner means Blessing
The Lord has spoken to my spirit of His desire to release three miracles for you -
  1. To bring your loved ones to the saving grace of Jesus Christ
  2. To divinely heal your physical body
  3. To break the chains of debt and lack in your finances
And I believe that your Covenant Partnership with me is the catalyst for each one of these blessings flowing into your life. He wants to bring abundance to you as together we share His gift of abundant life around the world through our Bridge of Hope mission outreaches, our Breakthrough and Rod Parsley Now television programs and more.

Beloved, this is my 65th year. Even as I celebrate the mighty working of God in my life (His healing power that delivered me of throat cancer and allowed me to continue to proclaim this glorious Gospel) and all that God has accomplished through us together, I feel He is calling me strongly to this moment of Partnership with you ... to help you receive the abundance of blessings He has for you as my Covenant Partner.

Through our ministry together, you’ll be leading multitudes of people into the life-transforming power of a personal relationship with God. Meanwhile, I’ll have the privilege of pouring my life into you as never before; more intimately and more powerfully than I could through a television program alone.

Become a part of our ministry family at a level of spiritual power unlike anything you’ve known before! Let me hear from you quickly.

Thank you! God bless you!
Dr. Rod Parsley
Dr. Rod Parsley

Covenent Partnership means LIFE

When you partner with Pastor Rod Parsley, you are supporting life – eternal life, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
THOUSANDS give their lives to Jesus and receive eternal life every time Pastor Rod Parsley presents the message of God’s eternal truth on Breakthrough and Rod Parsley Now.

Your partnership makes it possible for Rod Parsley carry sound biblical doctrine and the Gospel of Jesus Christ “to all people” on multiple satellites and online... to provide a signal to virtually the entire globe seven days a week, 365 days a year to over 200 nations of the world, more than 680 million households globally, and more than 100 million households in the United States alone.

Our worldwide Bridge of Hope outreach ministry has liberated more than 40,000 human slaves, provided several million pounds of food and millions of dollars worth of medical supplies and emergency aid in times of need or natural disaster around the world. We've provided funds to free hundreds of victims of sex trafficking in Haiti to reunite them with their families, and also provided more than 28,188,000 meals to families in cities across America, who are struggling to make ends meet − in the name of Christ, our Savior.

The Breakthrough Women's Clinic has ministered to thousands of expecting mothers, saving the lives of over 5,240 babies in the process... someone's uncle or aunt, someone's brother or sister, someone's fiancé, husband, or wife... someone's best friend - not just 5,240 lives... but 5,240 lifetimes, and millions of moments shared with thousands of people that each of those lives will touch.
Without the faithful prayers and support of Covenant Partners worldwide, none of this would be possible. So join today, won't you? Stand in faith with Dr. Rod Parsley as he boldly declares the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, and receive the blessings of Covenant Partnership today.

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