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Julianna was on fire for God. Her husband Glenn was focused on golf — and drinking.

“I remember plenty of times breaking clubs because of my temper,” he says today.

Church was just his wife’s “hobby.”

But Julianna was praying for Glenn, trusting God to move in his heart and life. One day he suddenly offered to attend church with her. Soon he asked Julianna to pray with him to receive Christ!

Glenn’s friends witnessed the transformation in him. “He’s done a 180,” Julianna says. “He’s really a joy to be with.”

The miracle transformation was not just for Glenn and Julianna. Now as full partners in faith, the couple has begun ministering to needy families in their community — some in neighborhoods even the police won’t visit. They offer food, share the Gospel — and have led hundreds of people to faith in the process!

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