The Worldwide Miracle, Healing and Victory Prayer Cloth Service
Dear Friend,

In my hand, I hold the key to your physical healing, financial breakthrough, a loved one’s salvation, and supernatural blessing!
Pastor Rod Parsley and Reinhard Bonnke lead america back to the foor of the cross for your greatest miracle!
Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke (bio) and Pastor Rod Parsley
praying over YOUR needs.

I am holding your prayer cloth! Click here request yours now — and I will send it to you saturated with Holy Spirit power for your miracle!

November 10, 2013, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and I, along with multitudes around the world took prayer requests – and a prayer cloth – to the CROSS for your healing, deliverance, transformation and blessing!

This extraordinary night was TWO YEARS in the making — it was two years ago that God deposited in my spirit a divine unction, a holy directive, to prepare for an unprecedented outpouring of His holy anointing to save, heal and deliver.

His three-tiered plan:
  1. The writing and release of my book, The Cross — to recalibrate the thinking of this generation on the cross as the epicenter of all salvation and transformation.

  2. The building of a grand memorial of Calvary, right here on the campus of World Harvest Church in time for the WORLDWIDE MIRACLE, HEALING AND VICTORY PRAYER CLOTH SERVICE on November 10.

  3. Inviting world-renown, anointed healing evangelist Reinhard Bonnke to be with me that night, for the dedication of the memorial and to pray for YOUR miracle, AT THE FOOT OF THE CROSS! (Click here to learn more about Evangelist Bonnke.)

Everyone said this mandate was impossible — I didn’t have time in my schedule to write a major book — we’d never get permits to build our Calvary Memorial — and Reinhard Bonnke wasn’t even going to be in this country on November 10, 2013.

But this wasn’t a Rod Parsley idea. It was a God idea, and with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! God was speaking to me two years ago about YOUR MIRACLE, and He was not going to let anything derail His plan for your victory!

The book has just been released — the Calvary Memorial is complete — And Reinhard Bonnke, the man who has probably seen more saving, healing, delivering power manifested in his ministry than any other preacher I know, was with me, at the foot of the cross, on November 10 — and laid his hands on a prayer cloth for YOU during our WORLDWIDE MIRACLE, HEALING AND VICTORY PRAYER CLOTH SERVICE — to agree with me for God to meet your deepest, most urgent needs!

Wrap your prayers and giving together, and sow your most generous seed of faith now.

Then — and here is the key — I will send your prayer cloth from this service, prayed over and saturated in the anointing ... the tangible, transferable anointing!

Do not delay! Sow your seed of faith and request your prayer cloth today, as Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and I prepare to take YOUR needs back to the foot of the cross!

Pastor Rod Parsley
Pastor Rod Parsley

Worldwide Miracle, Healing, & Victory
Prayer Cloth Service


Worldwide Miracle,
Healing & Victory
Prayer Cloth Service


Daystar Network
Monday - Nov. 11th
8:00PM ET

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