7 Days to Your Suddenly!
7 Days to Suddenly


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The Spirit is speaking to me about the breakthrough YOU need! The message?

Seven days. Suddenly
God will rush in with your miracle!

Why? Because this is a prophetic season. The year 2017 on the Hebrew calendar is the year 5777 … and 777 is God’s number, the number of perfection.

    The SEVEN DAYS from December 25 through December 31, 2016, are seven powerful days that usher in the year of prophetic perfection.

    And I believe after those seven days, suddenly your new day will break upon the horizon!

“And the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to His temple” (Malachi 3:1).

This is your season to receive your most urgent miracle in three critical areas:
  1. Your greatest financial need.
  2. Your greatest family need.
  3. Your greatest physical or emotional need.
Please go right now to the online prayer form and list your three greatest needs.

I am going to pray over them for you and believe with you for God to show up suddenly and begin a series of miracles where you need them most.

  • From December 25 to December 31, you will be praying with me, as I lead an army of prayer warriors in intercessory prayer —
  • And I believe on January 1, 2017, the Spirit of the Lord will launch a miraculous year of “SUDDENLIES” to mend broken hearts, transform lives and set you free from bondage!
How can it happen? When you need a miracle, God will always speak to you about a seed.

So when you submit your prayer needs, I want you to pray about sowing your very best seed of faith.

When you sow what you have been given, I believe you will reap what you have been promised.

Then on December 31, after a time of fasting and prayer, I will be leading in intercession and celebration — on the seventh day of our Seven Days to Suddenly.

I believe this is the day we will see God’s power unveiled — and your “suddenly” moment will begin!

Pastor Rod Parsley
Rod Parsley     

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