$50,000 Feed Sudan Matching Challenge!
$50,000 Feed Sudan Matching Challenge! The hunger crisis in South Sudan is threatening the lives of precious children and destroying hope for the future. Please help save them!

Get Ready for Your Miracle of Restoration
God's decree knows no bounds — it transcends pain, financial worries, and every challenge. When His word resounds, time itself and every circumstance must bow in obedience.

Today, prepare for the Spirit of the Lord to reveal with resurrection power, bringing forth His purpose and plan with unwavering faithfulness.
Scholarship Opportunities to Make You a World Changer!
Valor Christian College is "The School of the Spirit" where students from all 50 states and over 30 nations have come to be equipped as vessels for the end-time revival. From housewives to businessmen and from five-fold ministry gifts to the ministry of helps we are equipping New Testament believers to make a difference in their communities for God's kingdom.

A New Direction: Request Your Gift!
Throughout the ages mankind has sought eternal life, never understanding that we are already eternal beings, destined to live forever somewhere. To live forever in a state of separation from God is a frightening thought. You can make sure that you are right with God by turning to Him!

If you have received Jesus as your Savior today or have returned to Him, Pastor Parsley wants to send you a gift! So let us know!
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Receive the Abrahamic–Melchizedek Blessing
You’re about to be energized by the truth of God’s word as never before! Just as Abraham received an incredible blessing from the Lord after his encounter with Melchizedek, so YOU can receive from the Lord today!

Listen as Dr. John Avanzini shares incredible revelation from heaven! It’s all found right in your bible!
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City Harvest Network
Dr. Rod Parsley invites all Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to become a member of CITY HARVEST NETWORK and see what God can do to revitalize your ministry!

All you need to do is contact our offices at 614.382.1135 or through www.cityharvest.network to connect with one of our City Harvest Network Pastors. We are ready and eager to answer your questions about what Dr. Rod Parsley and City Harvest Network can do to revitalize YOUR ministry.

Revival If Covenant Partners
Spark revival for our nation and our world!

I know God wants to pour revival out — and I believe it can happen when you join Pastor Rod Parsley as a Revival Covenant Partner.

It is critical, in these prophetic times, that we stand together to proclaim the Good News.
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