Ministry Center

How can I be saved?
Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sins of all people. By believing in Jesus Christ and receiving Him as your Savior, you will turn your life in a new direction. You can be at peace with God knowing you will live forever with Him. Click here to learn more about what you can do to accept His gift of salvation.

Can I read the Bible online?
You can! Click here to study God’s word online and here to get a special devotion you can read every day.

Will you pray with me?
Absolutely! Send me your prayer requests, and I will agree with you in prayer for God to meet your every need and fulfill your every righteous desire.

Can I share my testimony with you?
I would love to celebrate with you how God has been working in your life! If you wish, you can send me your testimony or read the testimonies of others.

How can I build my faith?
Though your relationship with God is freely given to you having already been purchased by Christ, I have put together many resources that will help you learn more on what God’s plans are for His followers. Whether you are seeking encouragement, more information about the Holy Ghost, Pentecost, or desire to educate yourself on the sign of the times we know you will find something here in our store that will lift you up and empower you to be an agent of change. Click here to go to the online store!
Rod Parsley Close