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Rod Parsley's Podcast

Pastor Rod Parsley is the senior pastor of World Harvest Church and the founder of Valor Christian College, the School of the Spirit. This podcast contains powerful messages, practical teachings, and insightful lectures from over 40 years of full-time ministry. Get ready, open up your heart, and prepare for the Spirit of God to do a brand new thing in you!

Effective Leadership 300: The Proof is in the Pudding
We all need better strategies to accomplish our goals in life. Whether you're a business owner, work an 8 to 5 job, a student, or a stay at home parent, in part 1 of an 8-episode series, Pastor Rod Parsley walks you through key principles of leadership designed to help you succeed wherever God leads you.
Nov 7, 2017
64 min
Effective Leadership 300: The Throne or Towel Conundrum
Our Heavenly Father is looking for leaders who don’t need to be recognized, rewarded, or regarded, but rather, seek to influence others and their world like the Lord Jesus Christ, who – while preparing to be crucified – Himself took a towel and began to wash His disciples’ feet. Why is this so important when discussing leadership and strategy? Because your internal perspective of the role of leadership impacts how you communicate the purpose, mission, and values of your home, your family, your business, and the vocation God gave you that activates His character and call in your life. This episode explores the style of leadership employed by the Lord Jesus, and that He sought to impart into every person who follows Him.
Nov 17, 2017
64 min
Effective Leadership 300: The Kindergarten PhD
What specific leadership skills correlate with your personality or temperament? This is important as we discover that people are not interchangeable parts. This episode includes some information to determine your own personality type, to help you better understand areas of leadership that come more naturally to you.
Nov 24, 2017
63 min
Effective Leadership 300: Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks
"Leadership has everything to do with character, and little - if anything - to do with style." In today's episode, Rod Parsley explores the emphasis true biblical leadership has with relationships and a recognition of responsibility that is birthed out of love for others, rather than ambition. Then we will learn of God's plan to activate that motivation in our lives.
Dec 1, 2017
68 min
Effective Leadership 300: The Strength of Structure
Biblical teaching on the context of leadership – whether in a family, a committee, a ministry, a work team, or an entire organization – along with the habits of successful leadership, and how to rely on the Holy Spirit to help you in your role in each of these environments.
Dec 3, 2017
64 min
Effective Leadership 300: Communication is Key
Covering the dynamic process and power of communication, and how we as leaders must pay diligent attention to both what we are saying and what the hearer is hearing, but also to be listening at least as often as we are speaking.
Dec 3, 2017
64 min
Effective Leadership 300: When Trouble Shows Your Character Grows
Problems are a fact of life; live long enough, and you will experience them. What the Scriptures call us to, as followers of Christ, and leaders of His life-giving movement, is to respond to problems – whether in your home, your business, your church, or your family – by being led by His Spirit in love toward God and toward others. This is the true test of leadership.
Dec 3, 2017
53 min
Effective Leadership 300: Discovering God’s Wealth of Knowledge
Proverbs 4:7-9 declares “Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all your getting, get understanding.” But what is wisdom? How do you receive it? In this episode, we cover the way wisdom comes to you, what wisdom is, and how God meant for you to apply it to your life as a follower of Christ, and as a leader in your sphere of influence.
Dec 3, 2017
67 min
So Be It
The promises of God are yes and amen, if only we conditioned ourselves to receive. Learn how to propel your faith towards the target of your hope and receive all that you WILL from God.
Dec 6, 2017
43 min
Made New: Turning Innocence Into Holiness
Discover what it means to turn innocence into holiness and how to “get clean” from the inside-out.
Dec 11, 2017
23 min
Made New: A Watery Grave
Water baptism is the outward demonstration of the inward work that Ezekiel 26:36 tells us takes place in the heart of individuals, "And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh."
Dec 11, 2017
65 min
A Time to Speak: The Issue
Ecclesiastes 3 declares, “To everything, there is a season...a time to keep silence, and a time to speak.” Listen as Pastor Rod Parsley “cries loud and spares not,” bringing clarity in a time when our culture is so conflicted.
Dec 15, 2017
39 min
A Time to Speak: The Response
Pastor Rod Parsley boldly confronts problems facing society today and dares Christians to speak up, to become agents of redemptive change and to share the love of Jesus Christ to a broken world.
Dec 15, 2017
44 min
A Time to Speak: Good News or Fake News?
The Bible tells says in Hosea 4:6, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." In a world full of fake news and Instagram filters, we're constantly inundated with the wrong information. Today, choose to stomp out "Fake News" and stand upon the "Good News!"
Dec 15, 2017
62 min
A Time to Speak: The Seas Are Roaring
In these perilous times, one thing is sure, the season for Christ's return is closer than it has ever been before. Jesus is coming again, soon.
Dec 15, 2017
70 min
Who's the Baby?
During this holiday season, it’s not about whether you can identify the child in the nativity. It’s about asking: Do I KNOW Him? And does He know me?
Dec 18, 2017
39 min
A Stable Influence
The "abhorrent necessity" of the stable. What does it mean? Find out as Pastor Rod Parsley shares the true nature of the nativity - a Christmas message like you've never heard before.
Dec 24, 2017
60 min
Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Pastor Parsley’s New Year’s Eve message, declaring your freedom for 2018.
Dec 31, 2017
59 min
Teach Us to Pray
Is there a right and wrong way to pray? Pastor Parsley answers that question as he speaks to us about WHAT prayer is and HOW to pray with power.
Jan 8, 2018
35 min
Holiness: Living Leaven Free
One small point of false doctrine can cancel the testimony of an entire church. Join Pastor Rod Parsley as he teaches on some of the keys to living holy.
Jan 12, 2018
119 min
For God to Do Nothing? ... That's Impossible!
God is always working on your behalf! Regardless of what you are going through, for Him to do nothing is impossible.
Jan 15, 2018
48 min
How Big is Your God?
How Big is Your God? Pastor Rod Parsley wants you to receive the revelation that your God is bigger than you’ve believed, perceived, or even conceived in this three-part series.
Jan 19, 2018
47 min
How Big is Your God? Beyond the Horizon
We're in a struggle today between the finite and the infinite. Join Pastor Rod Parsley as he teaches on the limitlessness of our God.
Jan 19, 2018
40 min
How Big is Your God? The Eternally Self-Existent One Who Heals
Be convinced today that the God you're serving is bigger than you prayed, bigger than you believe, bigger than you hoped, and He is not weary or worn, He is not tired. He is Jehovah.
Jan 19, 2018
45 min
Culture Shocked: All for One
What the world says is trending and what the Bible says is truth. How far would you go to save just one more?
Jan 22, 2018
57 min
Culture Shocked: #NoFilter
In an age of touch-ups and filters, we show others only what we want them to see but in this episode of Culture Shocked, Pastor Rod Parsley poses this question, "Who did God call you to be?"
Jan 26, 2018
48 min
Culture Shocked: The Aftershock
Amongst everything vying for your attention in today's culture, Pastor Rod Parsley encourages you to answer only one, the call of God.
Jan 29, 2018
46 min
The Wisdom of God: Lack Wisdom? Ask of God.
Proverbs 4:7 tells us that wisdom is the principle thing. Wisdom is a hidden mystery – it’s not hidden FROM but FOR you. Learn how to unlock and access the wisdom of God
Feb 5, 2018
43 min
The Wisdom of God: Wisdom in the Dabar of God
The dabar of God is not the description of the thing. The dabar IS the thing. The dabar of God is the creative capability and wisdom of God Dabar translates to rename cancer, poverty, worry, etc. – so get to speaking the Word.
Feb 12, 2018
50 min
The Wisdom of God: Operating in the Three Forms of God's Wisdom
Sophia, Sunesis, Phronesis – Wisdom for your Spirit, Mind, & Body - learn how to release them in your life.
Feb 19, 2018
18 min
The Wisdom of God: The Spirit of Wisdom
God is the distributor of all wisdom. He created the worlds by wisdom. Prov 3:19 is the origin of wisdom: “The Lord has founded the earth and by understanding has established the heavens by his knowledge...”
Feb 23, 2018
26 min
The Wisdom of God: Impartation of Wisdom
In this episode, learn how to receive the gift of rare insight, an impartation of the ability to know more than you know.
Feb 26, 2018
43 min
Raise the Standard
A classic message from Pastor Rod Parsley.
Mar 5, 2018
47 min
The Cross: A Cross-Less Generation
Our culture and nation have to have a divine reversal from this cross-less generation. Join Pastor Rod Parsley as he invites you to embark on an amazing but difficult journey—a journey to Golgotha.
Mar 12, 2018
43 min
The Cross: A Passionate Revelation of God's Love for You
The cross is the center of the world's history; the incarnation of Christ and the crucifixion of our Lord are the pivots around which all the events of the ages revolve.
Mar 16, 2018
41 min
The Cross: The Central Message of Christianity is the Cross
There is no triumphant, culture-shaking Christianity without the cross.
Mar 19, 2018
62 min
The Cross: Encounter at the Cross
Join Pastor Rod Parsley on an epic journey all the way to the summit of Golgotha's gruesome hillside - to a place of eternal and irreversible change.
Mar 23, 2018
48 min
The Cross: At the Intersection of Heaven and Earth
The cross, the place where we lose ourselves and find who He always intended for us to be - At the Intersection of Heaven and Earth.
Mar 26, 2018
51 min
Gone: He Is Risen, As He Said
On Easter Resurrection Sunday at World Harvest Church, Pastor Parsley shares the eternal truth that is the centerpiece of our Christian faith: The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Apr 6, 2018
47 min
An Amazing Sign
How do you become a part of the family of God? What does it mean to be brothers and sisters in Christ? Is losing your "identity" a good thing? Find out in Pastor Parsley's latest message from the pulpit of World Harvest Church.
Apr 10, 2018
32 min
The Cross: Seven Exchanges
Jesus uttered seven phrases as He hung on Calvary’s cruel, biting beam. What were they and what do they mean for you? What are the exchanges Christ made FOR you and that you make WITH Christ at the cross? Pastor Parsley reveals the answers in the continuation of this hallmark series.
Apr 17, 2018
62 min
The Cross: Too Good to be True
When Jesus shed His precious blood on Calvary, He left a will for you whereby you can trade your sorrow for His joy, your sickness for His healing, and your turmoil for His peace. This timeless message of God’s love explains that the cross was a legal trading table based on immutable law and everything that is His can be yours!
Apr 24, 2018
61 min
No More Crumbs
As a child of God, you no longer have to be captive to lack, less-than and never enough. It’s time to get out from under the table, settling for scraps, and take a seat at the king’s banquet. Be blessed by this “PRP” hallmark message from Dominion Camp Meeting 1997.
May 1, 2018
41 min
Kingdom > Culture
We have too many Christians that revel in the culture but do not advance the kingdom. People talk about relevance when really, they mean compliance. But Pastor Rod Parsley is here to announce that the church is not here to take sides. We’re here to take over! Light over darkness. Life over death. Kingdom over culture.
May 8, 2018
44 min
An Amazing Answer to an Impossible Question
Pastor Parsley is on the road again! And he’s bringing this week’s #PRPTour2018 message from Judah Church in Orlando, FL. What is the “amazing answer”, you ask? This divine answer is discovered in the description of what it is NOT.
May 22, 2018
68 min
We Are Revenant
There’s a difference between being RELEVANT and REVENANT. Find out in Pastor Parsley’s revolutionary message from Dominion Camp Meeting 2017.
May 29, 2018
98 min
It’s Time to Dream Again
You dream in the dark. Jesus got up in the dark. It’s always darkest right before dawn. These truths and many more are what Pastor Parsley shares in his Dominion Camp Meeting message from 2014: “It’s Time to Dream Again”.
Jun 5, 2018
59 min
Born to Raze Hell
Raze: To annihilate, destroy, cause to cease to be as though it never existed. This week, it’s another iconic PRP message from a Dominion Camp Meeting of-old. Circa 2004.
Jun 12, 2018
95 min
Spirit of a Breaker
You’re about to break free, break out, break loose, and break through every line of Satan‘s defense. Perez means “Breaker” and that same spirit lives in you. Learn about its power in this throwback message from Camp Meeting 2000.
Jun 19, 2018
62 min
“I turned to see the voice that was speaking to me. And when I turned, I saw...” It happened for John in Revelation chapter 1. It can happen for you. Listen to this #DCMthrowback from 2010 and be blessed by another PRP classic.
Jun 26, 2018
72 min
The Space Between: Part I
You cannot dwell in the space between two. Light and darkness. Truth and error. Kingdom and culture. Hot and cold. What lies in the lukewarm betwixt these extremes is what blinds us to the perils lurking in #TheSpaceBetween. This week, Pastor Parsley’s message is brought to you from Dominion Camp Meeting 2018.
Jul 12, 2018
36 min
The Space Between: Part II
Part II of Pastor Parsley’s message from Dominion Camp Meeting 2018 will bring you out of the blackhole of lukewarm-living and have you shouting “No more dying stars”.
Jul 17, 2018
38 min
The Renaissance: Raise the Standard 2009
The Renaissance: Raise the Standard 2009
Jul 24, 2018
71 min
From the Cross, through Pentecost and Beyond.
Pastor Parsley takes you on a journey from the crucifixion, to the resurrection, to the first visitation of the Holy Spirit and beyond in this message from his Raise the Standard Conference, 2008
Jul 31, 2018
51 min
To Tell the WHOLE Truth
...and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Another #VintagePRP message from 2010, recorded at Raise the Standard Pastors + Church Leaders Conference.
Aug 10, 2018
38 min
Supernatural Turnaround
How long are you going to allow yourself to stand outside of the perfect will of God for your life? It's time to get mad, quit playing, and run the devil out of every situation that he has tried to possess.
Aug 21, 2018
52 min
Venom to Victory
The only thing better than getting back on the road is being able to take you with me. Join me as I travel to Chicago, Illinois and experience Venom to Victory.
Aug 28, 2018
36 min
The Great Physician - God's Healing Agents
You don't have to put up with sickness. You don't have to put up with pain. In this week's podcast, Pastor Parsley teaches the principals to set God’s healing power in motion in your life.
Sep 13, 2018
26 min
Let's talk about grace. What is it? How does it affect my walk with God, my relationships, and every aspect of my daily life? Find out God's original intention as we uncover the Biblical meaning of grace.
Sep 18, 2018
47 min
The Great Physician - Faith in Your Pharmacist
The same God that formed the universe in his hand is here to destroy that situation you face. For Him to do nothing on your behalf is impossible!
Sep 25, 2018
49 min
The Great Physician - Rename, Reclaim, Reframe
You have been created in God's image, so why would He ever desire for you to experience sickness or disease? Reclaim a life of total healing in this week's podcast.
Oct 2, 2018
53 min
Remembering the Great Norvel Hayes
Through the course of my ministry, I have had the privilege of spending time with some of the greatest spiritual giants the Kingdom of God has ever known. Little did I know that when I met Norvel Hayes it would change everything I knew about healing ministry.
Oct 12, 2018
32 min
Immeasurable Grace
How does God's grace actually work in my life? Is it a get out of jail free card or even a license to sin. Find out more about God's original intention for Grace in this week's podcast.
Oct 17, 2018
54 min
Living Under An Open Heaven - Empowered to Prosper
Living under an open Heaven. What does that mean? How do we believe, pray, and live walking in God’s perfect blessing under an open Heaven?
Oct 23, 2018
42 min
Living Under An Open Heaven - Living Under an Open Heaven
Living under an open Heaven. What does that mean? How do we believe, pray, and live walking in God’s perfect blessing under an open Heaven?
Oct 30, 2018
70 min
Living Under An Open Heaven - Who's Your Daddy
Living under an open Heaven. What does that mean? How do we believe, pray, and live walking in God’s perfect blessing under an open Heave?
Nov 6, 2018
61 min
Living Under An Open Heaven - Nothing Missing Nothing Broken
Living under an open Heaven. What does that mean? How do we believe, pray, and live walking in God’s perfect blessing under an open Heaven?
Nov 15, 2018
55 min
The Issue of Grace
The cross is the issue. It’s the heart of the matter of law and grace. Once the human soul glimpses the meaning of Calvary’s cross and grasps the reason He endured it all was to capture our hearts, His law and grace cease to be issues, they become gospel truth. His abounding grace becomes His glorious gift.
Nov 28, 2018
47 min
The Law of Grace
In a culture that is constantly bombarding us with distractions, Pastor Parsley teaches it’s never been more important to hear the voice of peace through God’s Holy Spirit and be led by His love and His law of grace.
Dec 4, 2018
29 min
A Season of Dreams - Birthing Your Miracle
Biblical living shouldn't have to be a struggle. In this week's podcast, Pastor Parsley teaches us how to apply Biblical prinicipals to everyday life and overcome our hurts and struggles while living through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Dec 12, 2018
68 min
A Stable Influence
The "abhorrent necessity" of the stable. What does it mean? Find out as Pastor Rod Parsley shares the true nature of the nativity - a Christmas message like you've never heard before.
Dec 18, 2018
59 min
The Precious Blood
On the eve of our Savior’s birth, Dr. Rod Parsley proclaims the power of the  blood of Jesus Christ to prepare our hearts to receive holy communion together.
Dec 27, 2018
33 min
A Season of Dreams - Dare to Dream Again
God has set His timetable!  He’s been waiting on your time to catch up!  So, trust Him and His time and let yourself dream again!
Jan 4, 2019
65 min
Restore the Roar: Holiness, the Character of God
God says “be holy as I am holy” because in holiness there is power that distinguishes you from others. Dr. Rod Parsley begins his new “Restore the Roar” ministry series with a call to a return to holiness unto the Lord.
Jan 8, 2019
50 min
Restore the Roar: Welcome to the Pride
Dr. Rod Parsley continues his “Restore the Roar” ministry series with a clarion call to get connected to the family of God. The lion of the tribe of Judah is the leader of our pride, and it is His will that we be preserved blameless – spirit, soul, and body.
Jan 15, 2019
47 min
At the Cross - Where Healing Begins
Why is it that it is so easy for us to believe that Jesus can take away the sins of the world, but we find ourselves struggling to believe Him for our healing? What is the first step that we take and how do we understand where our road to healing begins?
Jan 25, 2019
37 min
Lost & Found: What Happens When I Die?
Dr. Rod Parsley begins his new ministry series with the sobering question we must all face as he compels us to settle once and for all who we will serve.
Feb 5, 2019
66 min
Lost and Found: “Each One Reach One”
God has saved us for a purpose. Pastor Parsley encourages us all to reach out to the one person in our lives today who desperately needs to know that Jesus loves them and wants to make them His Own.
Feb 13, 2019
25 min
I Know When Jesus Is Returning
Dr. Rod Parsley answers the question of the ages with a compelling call to live every day with eternity in mind.
Feb 19, 2019
82 min
Search and Rescue
Because you’re lost simply means you can be found. Pastor Parsley begins his teaching series, “Search and Rescue” to teach you how to rescue shipwrecked souls for the Kingdom.
Feb 27, 2019
27 min
There’s No Place Like Hell
If you’re not sure today of your eternal home, join Pastor Rod Parsley and the hundreds who are accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
Mar 8, 2019
30 min
Change Your Season - Spring: Out of the Dust
Dr. Rod Parsley shares how “Now Faith” can change your season and bring you out of the dust into a Spring season of resurrection miracles.
Mar 12, 2019
40 min
Change Your Season – Summer: Out of the Fire
Dr. Rod Parsley shares the life transforming power of Pentecost that can fan the fire of revival in your heart and your home.
Mar 19, 2019
78 min
Justice Summit, Washington, DC: Still Silent No More
Dr. Rod Parsley once again lifts up a clarion call to renew our founding fathers’ commitment and to reclaim our lost heritage. Our times demand it, our future Requires it, and God is still watching.
Apr 4, 2019
35 min
At the Cross - Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done
Jesus came to overthrow the forces of darkness and increase the boundaries of His kingdom.  And He says to you today it’s time to  lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes, and increase your borders.
Apr 16, 2019
28 min
Gone … He Is Risen As He Said
On this glorious Easter Resurrection morning, Dr. Rod Parsley shares the eternal truth that He is Risen as He said, and because He lives, so we can live forever with Him.
Apr 24, 2019
61 min
The Reality of Eternity
Pastor Parsley exposes the reality of eternity and welcomes another glorious harvest of souls into the Kingdom.
Apr 30, 2019
28 min
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