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SAVE THEIR LIVES Matching Challenge
The agony the people of South Sudan are experiencing is overwhelming: severe persecution, internal civil war, terrorism. As if that's not enough, there is almost NO FOOD.

But the Lord has provided Bridge of Hope with an incredible Matching Challenge to help feed hungry, starving children -- to help save the lives of families before they literally starve to death.

Your generous donation can be matched - dollar for dollar - but please hurry! This Matching Challenge is only for a limited time! You can make a difference today. You can help save their lives!

Your Joseph blessing is waiting on the release of your BENJAMIN!
Dr. Todd Hall and Pastor Rod Parsley released the revelation that is in Genesis 42 and 43 which tells of the exchange between Joseph, his brothers and Jacob in reference to BENJAMIN, the youngest son of Jacob and the only full blood brother of Joseph, who is now the governor of Egypt.

Because of a significant decision Jacob made to release Benjamin, not only did they receive their money and precious items back they had brought as gifts to Joseph to secure the grain needed for their family to survive the famine, the very wealth of Egypt was laid at their disposal. Wealth that they had not worked for; They obeyed the request of Joseph and therefore received his blessing.

The natural seed releases the supernatural. Your seed can unlock the very windows of heaven. Jesus is waiting to pour you out a blessing that you won’t have room enough to contain it. But you must release your BENJAMIN!
Now Available: "GONE" Brand-New from Dr. Rod Parsley!
GONE: One Man... One Tomb... One Sunday... - Dr. Rod Parsley's latest book, is now available nation-wide!

Take a profound journey to understand the great gulf between our surface-level understanding of the first Good Friday and Easter by exploring the cultural, historical and biblical context of Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection.

Request your copy of the Signed Hardback Edition - available exclusively from our ministry, and let the Holy Spirit unlock the mystery of THE RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ to you!

And for a limited time, along with the book, GONE, you can also receive Pastor Parsley's original book in this trilogy called,The Cross: One Man ... One Tree ... One Friday, at no extra charge.

REFRESH 2016 – Dominion Camp Meeting
Join Pastor Rod Parsley for REFRESH 2016: Dominion Camp Meeting on July 1,2,3 in the tabernacle of World Harvest Church. Joining Pastor Parsley for a Dynamic weekend of Holy Ghost ministry with signs and wonders following include:
  • Perry Stone
  • Paula White
  • Tudor Bismark
  • Clint Brown

And music ministers
  • William McDowell
  • Tye Tribbett
  • Rick Pino
And many more...

Don’t miss Dominion Camp Meeting during the year of Jubilee. Mark your calendar now and plan to be in Columbus Ohio, July 1,2,3 for REFRESH 2016: Dominion Campmeeting.

Breakthrough Covenant Partner 2016
The shofar has sounded — the Year of Jubilee has begun! Join Pastor Parsley as a 2016 Breakthrough Covenant Partner, and prepare for the amazing Year of Jubilee blessings…
  1. A family blessing
  2. A financial blessing
  3. A dream fulfilled
  4. A freedom breakthrough
  5. An anointing of God’s favor

This Year of Jubilee is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience God’s great celebration and Jubilee anointing! Please stand with Pastor Parsley as a Breakthrough Covenant Partner, and let him and Joni pray for you to experience every single blessing of this Jubilee year.

For more information about this wonderful opportunity, click below.

Valor Christian College receives Full Accreditation
The Association for Biblical Higher Education on Feb. 11, at its annual meeting in Orlando, Fla., announced that Valor had successfully completed requirements for Commission on Accreditation membership. The association explains accreditation as follows:

“Accreditation is a means of assuring the public that an institution meets accepted standards of quality and integrity. It developed in the United States early in the 20th century and has continued to be one of the cornerstones of North America’s unparalleled achievement in higher educational quality and diversity.”

Valor has stayed true to the vision God has given Dr. Rod Parsley – to offer a superior preparation for Kingdom service through impartation, education and application. Hundreds of members of World Harvest Churches, ministers of churches across the United States and around the world, and Christians in every sphere of influence are beneficiaries of that vision, and Dr. Parsley’s obedience to implementing it.

Find out more information about Valor Christian College by clicking below.

Breakthrough Online Store: Ministry Resources you need!
It is 2016 and we are in a Jubilee Year. Breakthrough ministries wants to strengthen your faith by offering Pastor Rod Parsley's latest and classics ministry resources.

Did you miss getting all the gifts you wanted at Christmas? We have stocked several catagories with new product including a category in the store called, Recent Releases, which are items that we have for you with anointed teaching from Pastor Rod Parsley and hand-picked gifts that have been offered on Breakthrough sure to be a blessing to all. Also we have Rod Parsley Classics and Featured Items that have the best of the material that Pastor Parsley has ever been inspired to preach or write.

Selected gift items include:

Pastor Parsley's journal from his physical battle last year, "Be Made Whole".
The new music CD from Harvest Music Live, "Light The World On Fire".
The new bible everyone is talking about, "The 2016 Jubilee Bible.
...and more recently released Jubilee items sure to bless family and friends.

Get these powerful resources and much more from the Breakthrough online store. Quantities are limited. Order now because they won't last long.
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