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Learn the authority you have as child of God!
Learn the authority you have as child of God! Bishop George Bloomer joins Pastor Rod Parsley in the Breakthrough TV studios to discuss. spiritual warfare and the devices the enemy uses to deceive millions around the world in today’s culture.

Pastor Parsley and Bishop Bloomer show through God’s word how to have complete victory in every area of your life by exposing these devices and how to defeat them.

Find out the vital ministry resources available to help you forever win this battle.

The 10 Days of AWE: Faith-filled teachings in your inbox!
The 10 Days of AWE are quickly approaching, beginning Monday, September 14 and leading into the holiest day on God's Calendar -- the Day of Atonement -- Wednesday, September 23.

The Holy Spirit spoke to Pastor Parsley to impart powerful revelation into your life, and to encourage your faith to believe for miracles in the days leading up to the Day of Atonement.

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Receive the Prophet's Reward!
God has placed a prophetic word on Pastor Parsley’s heart for YOU that will become the catalyst for three life-transforming and destiny-altering blessings in your life! All you have to do is receive this word in accordance to Jesus’ promise in Matthew 10:41 “He that receives a prophet in the name of a prophet receives a prophet’s reward.

There has never been a moment like the 2015 Day of Atonement!
It is time to blow the shofar as we are approaching …THE DAY OF ATONEMENT! This has been God’s special day of connection with His people, every single year, for thousands of years. You may never know a moment of such intense anointing as you will experience in this year of 2015. It has supernatural significance. There has never been such a moment in your entire lifetime.

God told Moses to “make an appointment upon the altar” for the forgiveness of sin (Lev. 17:11).This is a picture of what God wants you to do. And with this consecration as an act of obedience to Him, the windows open from heaven with seven blessings that come in Double Portion to flood your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Do not miss this opportunity for Blessing beyond belief!

God said "BEHOLD!"
His spoken Word, for you. This year, the Holy Spirit spoke the word "Behold" to Pastor Parsley -- for He was preparing to do a new, mighty, and awesome thing in the lives of His people at Dominion Camp Meeting! Don't miss this opportunity to cause you faith to soar to new heights as you listen to life-transforming messages from God’s choicest servants:
  • Prophet Brian Carn
  • Dr. Perry Stone
  • Evangelist Jesse Duplantis
  • Bishop Tudor Bismark
  • Dr Jasmin Sculark
  • Bishop Clint Brown
  • A Special Prophetic Word from Pastor Rod Parsley
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Request an Information Brochure from Valor Christian College!
Pastor Rod Parsley is inviting you to become all you can be in Christ through Valor Christian College! Determine that this is your year to be a part of the "School of the Spirit". Your life will never be the same! Click here for more information.

Covenant Partnership: Friends of the Gospel
The Bible says "one chases a thousand, but two puts ten thousand to flight": there's power in joining together!

The world-wide ministries of Breakthrough and Bridge of Hope would be impossible without our Breakthrough Covenant Partners and Friends, who enable us to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ literally around the world 24 hours a day by television and the Internet.

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