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Thank you for giving HELP, HOPE, and LIFE!
BOH Thank You Because of you, Bridge of Hope in the last year has helped free and feed families in Sudan, give relief to tornado victims in Oklahoma and provide food and supplies to the suffering in the Philippines. Plus the Lord is continuing to use Pastor Parsley and Bridge of Hope preach the gospel around the world for Jesus Christ. Find out how you can continue to help Pastor Parsley be a blessing to those who need it most.

Request an Information Brochure from Valor Christian College!
Valor Christian College Online Pastor Rod Parsley is inviting you to become all you can be in Christ through Valor Christian College! Determine that this is your year to be a part of the "School of the Spirit". Your life will never be the same! Click here for more information.
RED BLOOD MOON: Fact or Fiction?
On April 15, 2014, Passover began on the Jewish calendar. And playing out over the next 18 months, we will experience the phenomenon of the RED BLOOD MOON - a series of four consecutive and complete lunar eclipses that have only fallen on the Feasts of Passover and Tabernacles eight times since Jesus walked the earth. A significant spiritual event has been associated with the phenomenon every time it's happened before.

God wants you to understand the times and know what to do about them. That's why Pastor Parsley answers these vital questions in this BRAND NEW teaching "RED BLOOD MOON: FACT OR FICTION?":

  • What does the Bible say about signs in the heavens in relation to spiritual events and the end times?
  • What do the four consecutive Red Blood Moons mean for us today?
  • How can we know what signs are from God?
  • Is Jesus returning soon?
  • How do we prepare for Jesus to return?

Tapestry of Faith - by Joni Parsley - in stores NOW!
Available Now! Joni's long-anticipated new book, Tapestry of Faith is now released.

Writing about and through life's challenges, Joni weaves an emotional tapestry layered with laughter, tears, questions, insights, struggles and victories. With a conversational style full of engaging stories and enlightening metaphors, she demonstrates in her book how you can live a life of joy and faith as you discover all that God has given you.... and more!

Order your exclusive Signed Author Edition of Joni's brand new book, Tapestry of Faith today!

Announcing 2014 Dominion Camp Meeting - It's Time to Dream Again
Announcing 2014 Camp Meeting - It's Time to Dream Again Join Host Pastor Rod Parsley and his special guests at Dominion Camp Meeting 2014 entitled "It's Time To Dream Again" at World Harvest Church on July 4-6.

There has not been a Camp Meeting at World Harvest Church since 2010 and this year's event is happening in the middle of a Holy Ghost Revival with souls being saved and MIRACLES happening every service.

Make your plans now! DO NOT MISS IT!

Covenant Partnership means Blessing...for YOU!
Pastor Rod Parsley invites you into convenant partnership in 2014. Join him as he brings the church back under the shadow of the Cross and to once again experience the Power that is in the Blood of Jesus.

When you partnership with this ministry, you will be a part of leading multitudes of people into the life-transforming power of a personal relationship with God. Pastor Parsley will also have the privilege of pouring his life into you more intimately and more powerfully than he can through a television program alone.

Join him today as he leads America "BACK TO THE CROSS"!

The Cross: One Man... One Tree... One Friday...
The Cross: One Man... One Tree... One Friday... For the past two years, Pastor Rod Parsley has been working on a true labor of love for the Father, and a dramatic departure from anything God's ever given him to write. It's called The Cross: One Man... One Tree... One Friday... - a NEW BOOK by Rod Parsley, inspired by a mandate on his life from God to bring the biblical message of the Cross to this generation.

Order your Signed Hardback Edition of Rod Parsley's new book "The Cross" today!
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