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Receive your miracle in this God-appointed moment!
God's Abundant Blessings Dr. Coy Barker recently was in the High Definition Breakthrough TV studio and delivered a “now” word to all who to those who have an ear to hear.

God has announced in this season of 2016...
  • The season in your life of not being fruitful is over...
  • The harsh hard winter in your life is
    over ...
  • Shame is going to break off of you like chains unlocking ...
  • You are going to see the Power and Victory of God ...
  • There is a harvest coming like you have never seen ...
God is ready to release a seven times greater anointing into your life suddenly. Receive this word in this God-appointed moment and find out how to step into a season of His abundant blessings.

At Valor Christian College, YOUR STORY can begin!
Valor Christian College is not just a place to BE, but a place to BEcome. Whether you're interested in attending Valor in person or online, we know you'll receive the instruction that only Valor Christian College can provide. And you'll have plenty of opportunity to receive a fresh impartation of anointing from Dr. Rod Parsley! Take another step closer to fulfilling the call of God on your life. Request an information packet today, and begin the journey that will change your life forever!

VCC News Update:
Valor Christian College has recently received the consummation of a 24 year miracle by having its incoming and current students eligible to receive Title IV funding from the Federal Government. Find out how this new financial benefit can help your God-given dream to become a reality at Valor Christian College.
God wants to covenant with you for a Debt-Free Home!
Dr. Mike Murdock joined Pastor Rod Parsley in the High Definition Breakthrough TV studio and brought a word from the Lord as he announced that there are moments when the supernatural power of God descends and a portal of blessing opens. But you must be obedient.

In Deuteronomy 23, the scripture says, “God is not a man, that He should lie, nor the son of man that He should repent.”

Here is the word of the Lord to you today…believe for a DEBT-FREE HOME.

Help Preserve the Voice of Pastor Parsley and Breakthrough!
The devil attacked Pastor Parsley in the worst possible way he could imagine -- cancer of the vocal chords. He wanted to take Pastor Parsley’s life -- silence his voice and the voice of Breakthrough – forever.

But the devil lost because after many radiation treatments and a long absence from the pulpit, the cancer is gone from his vocal cords. Today, his voice is growing stronger. The devil knows this attack has been soundly defeated, to the glory of God ... but the devil just won’t give up.

Breakthrough Ministries is facing a $300,000 debt payment that we currently do not have but we need by February 20 to keep the ministry strong and reaching out to the hurting in this world.

Find out how you can help preserve the voice of Pastor Parsley and help Breakthrough erase this debt forever.

Attention: WHMA Members - 2016 Maximum Ministry Methods is here!
Make plans today to join Pastor Parsley at World Harvest Church in Columbus for Maximum Ministry Methods on Friday, February 26, 2016 for an exclusive time of teaching, fellowship, and impartation, designed to equip you with the tools you need to answer the call God has placed on your life!

The cost of registration is just $200 and covers your hotel for Thursday night, February 25th in addition to breakfast and lunch on Friday, February 26th. To stay two nights, the cost is only $330.

Make your reservation now. Don't miss it!
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