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Don't miss your Appointment with POWER!
God’s second of three declared feast celebrations established to honor Him, PENTECOST, is fast approaching --the moment for your APPOINTMENT WITH POWER!

* Pentecost -- when bodies are healed.
* Pentecost -- when miracles break through.
* Pentecost -- when children get saved.
* Pentecost -- when prayers get answered!

Pentecost has great significance in 2017 because this is a powerfully prophetic year on the Hebrew calendar: 5777. “7” is God’s number of perfection and completion.

Sow your Pentecost offering today. And send me your prayer requests. Joni and I, and our elders and prayer warriors, are going to pray for you in faith on Pentecost Sunday, June 4!

Please do not wait — do not miss out on all the blessings that come from obedience to this important Jewish feast.

Partnership that Changes the World!
Partner with Dr. Rod Parsley as a Breakthrough Covenant Partner to reach the lost and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and prepare for an amazing year of blessings and miracles! We are believing God for :

* FAMILY blessing
* FINANCIAL blessing
* FREEDOM declared
* An anointing of God’s FAVOR

2017 is the year 5777 on God's divine calendar: the year of trifecta perfection which creates a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of God’s great celebration and overwhelming anointing!

To learn more about the benefits of Covenant Partnership, read more!
America's camp meeting is BACK: Dominion Camp Meeting 2017: LEGACY this June 30 through July 2, 2017 at World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio.


That’s what God wants for you. Not a longing for what COULD be but is yet not… COMPLETION! Not settling for yesterday’s anointing… PERFECTION! Not the memory of the former triumph or the mere shadow of God’s blessing in your life… VICTORY!

This year's anointed ministers include:
  • Pastor Steven Furtick
  • Dr. Perry Stone
  • Pastor Jesse Duplantis
  • Pastor Samuel Rodriguez
  • Pastor Kim Jones Pothier
  • Pastor Ron Carpenter
Along with anointed worship from William McDowell, Tasha Cobbs, Travis Greene, Rick Pino, and Lisa Brunson & Harvest Music Live!

Best of all -- IT'S FREE! READ MORE to get the details, to find accommodations, and to make your plans to join us for this incredible time of ministry, worship, and victory June 30 - July 2.

Request an Information Brochure from Valor Christian College!
Pastor Rod Parsley is inviting you to become all you can be in Christ through Valor Christian College! Determine that this is your year to be a part of the "School of the Spirit". Your life will never be the same!

Fall Classes are filling up fast. Request an information brochure and sign-up now to be a part of the "School of the Spirit."

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Be a Sustainer of the Gospel!
Heaven has a message for you: God wants to command upon your life miracles to sustain your family, your finances, and your future!

Dr. Steve Munsey came to share a Word – a revelation – on the Miracle of Sustainment. A Word for Breakthrough... a Word for YOU... a powerful message – directly from the Living Word of our Almighty and Everlasting God.

Find out how you can receive a TURNAROUND MIRACLE to CHANGE your circumstances... to change your future!
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