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Nepal Earthquake Disaster!
Nepal Earthquake | Over 1,800 Confirmed Dead! There is tragic news today that is resonating around the world! A devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal and was felt in 4 additional countries yesterday, Saturday, April 25.

Many lost their lives. Others lost everything else.

Homes, businesses, schools, places of worship, and historic landmarks were destroyed - children, elderly, men, and women who could not escape were trapped beneath the rubble.

1,832 have been confirmed dead, and authorities have warned that the death toll would only rise as reports come in from remote areas. Those who survived are now living in fear of another quake as they continue to experience terrifying aftermath tremors.

Our Bridge of Hope ministry partners are already on the ground in Nepal, but we need to provide the funds for the urgently needed emergency aid.

Your online seed now will help provide food, water, and other emergency supplies crucial to those devastated by this disaster.

Announcing 2015 Dominion Camp Meeting "BEHOLD"!
Experience three days of life-changing ministry July 3,4,5 at World Harvest Church in Columbus Ohio.

Join Pastor Rod Parsley with his special guests: Brian Carn, Perry Stone, Jasmin Sculark, Jesse Duplantis, Steven Furtick and Clint Brown with special music by: Fred Hammond, William McDowell, David & Nicole Binion and Lisa Brunson.

God is moving in 2015 at World Harvest Church. Make your plans now! Don't miss it!
A Divine Appointment: Your Second Chance!
Several men in Numbers 9 were unable to participate in one of God's holiest, commanded celebrations: PassoverPesach. But they still wanted to obey the command of the Lord and receive His blessings. Hallelujah that we serve a God of second chances!

Maybe you were unable to send in your prayer requests, or sow your very best seed in faith to believe God for miracles during the Passover, resurrection season. Perhaps you were out of town, there was an emergency in your family, or maybe you simply didn't hear the word of the Lord concerning God's emphasis on this sacred celebration. Whatever the reason, God is saying to you It's not too late!

In Numbers 9:11, God provided a second chance - thirty days - to receive the blessings of Passover.. as if they were never late.

Respond today, and receive the covenant blessings of God's appointed time - Pesach Sheni - in your life today!

Divine Encounter: Celebrating God's Calendar. Celestial Clues. Culmination of Creation.
Divine Encounter God has ordained a series of supernaturally orchestrated encounters to help you understand and experience what has already been provided for you -- and what has been planned for your future.

Discover the richness of Jewish culture, practices, and traditions that will lead you to profound revelations hidden within the calendar of God and His prescribed celebrations.
  • The remarkable season of blessing God has ordained for you and how to enter the most life transforming season you have ever experienced.
  • How to receive the unique blessings that are only available during God’s major feast seasons.
  • Powerful insights into the deeper meanings of God’s Word to help you walk in the fullness of His plan and purpose for your life every day.
  • The fascinating scenario of blessing God is unveiling by marking this time - THIS season - with Red Blood Moons on Passover and Tabernacles.

What Does It Mean To Be Born Again?
What Does It Mean To Be Born Again? Jesus answered and said unto him, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."
- John 3:3

Jesus made this statement to a man named Nicodemus who was a ruler of the Jews. Nicodemus had heard Jesus preaching about a new kind of kingdom, and he came to ask Jesus questions about it. Jesus told him that the way to enter this new kingdom was to be born again.

Nicodemus asked Him the same question you or I might ask: How can a man be born again? Can he enter into his mother’s womb again? Jesus explained to Nicodemus that the new birth He was talking about was not physical but spiritual. It was the beginning of a new life in a new kingdom.

Do you have questions about the New Birth that happens when you accept Jesus Christ into your life? Find out more about this New Life in Christ and receive a free booklet from Pastor Parsley called, New Directions.

Join with Pastor Rod Parsley in Covenant Partnership in 2015!
Covenant Partnership If you need a miracle -- if the devil is attacking you -- if disease is coming against you -- if you feel your lost loved ones are farther than ever from home -- if you’re drowning in debt or depression --

2015 is the year for the resurrection power of Christ to be released in your life through a covenant connection!

This year is "15" -- 2015 -- the year of 7 + 8 ... the year of covenant + resurrection, which equals miracles in your life! We are going to covenant together for the resurrection power of our Savior Jesus Christ to be manifested in every area you need a miracle!

Click below to find out more about Covenant Partnership with Pastor Rod Parsley!

Pentecost Blessings are headed YOUR way!
Pentecost means victory! You are not defeated! You are not overcome! We have a miracle-working God! We as God's children are destined for the revelation and manifestation of the glory of God!

Look at happened to King David. Israel was suffering a great plague. David needed a miracle. God led him to make sacrifices on a certain threshing floor. David paid the owner of the threshing floor 50 silver shekels. After David offered the sacrifice the miracle came: Healing all of Israel. But God wasn't done. That offering began a huge miracle. That threshing floor became holy ground as that spot became the very place that Solomon built the temple.

Receive the same five blessings the Lord bestowed on David and Solomon:

POWER to overcome any problem, sickness or bondage!
PEACE in the face of any conflict!
PROTECTION for you and your family!
PRESENCE of the Spirit; daily wisdom and strength!
PROSPERITY demonstrating God's favor upon your life!

Send in your prayer requests and sow your Pentecost Offering Today!
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