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God is a God of Increase - Receive your 7 x 7 Miracle TODAY!
THE POWER OF GOD IS RELEASED WHEN OUR FAITH IS ACTED UPON. Dr. Medina Pullings recently visited the High Definition Breakthrough studios and brought a now word for every person who has an ear to hear. That prophetic word is: Our God is the God of Increase. He is the God of multiplication. It is a time of supernatural multiplication. God is growing things phenomenally.

But God wants us to participate in our breakthrough. You see, God forever surrendered His right to act independently in our lives; He has to have our agreement… our connection.

Obey the word of the prophet today by sowing a seed and watch God move on your behalf that will change your life forever.

No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper!
You and your family can be free from the attacks of the evil one when you accept the truth of Isaiah 54:17 and learn to walk by faith in God's abundance. Find out how you can receive this powerful teaching by Dr. Rod Parsley!

Would you like agreement in prayer for your loved ones protection against the forces of darkness? Dr. Parsley wants to agree with you along with the prayer warriors at Breakthrough Ministries. Send us the names of your loved ones today and watch God do a miracle!
Miracle Sunday with Dr. Richard Roberts at World Harvest Church this Sunday morning!
Something Good is Going to Happen to YOU this Sunday morning at World Harvest Church as Dr. Richard Roberts joins Pastor Rod Parsley in the tabernacle in the 10:00 a.m. service.

That's right! What a lineup! Pastor Rod Parsley, Dr. Richard Roberts, son of the great healing evangelist Dr. Oral Roberts at World Harvest Church this Sunday, April 30 at 10 am. Plan to attend or watch LIVE online at

This Miracle Service is a life-changing time of ministry you don't want to miss!

URGENT NEED: Famine in South Sudan
The United Nations has officially declared FAMINE in South Sudan — meaning people are already DYING of starvation!

• 100,000 South Sudanese face imminent starvation.
• 42% of the population is food insecure.
• More than 270,000 children are “severely” malnourished.
• An estimated 5.5 million people will face food shortages by July.
• Families are hiding in swamps to avoid violence — eating weeds to survive.
• Nearly 1.4 million children in several countries, including South Sudan, are at imminent risk of death from acute malnutrition.

Thankfully, friends have offered Bridge of Hope a 15-day $100,000 Rescue the Children Matching Challenge.

Your seed-faith gift you sow online today will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to the Challenge total. This means your generosity will go TWICE as far!

Please sow as generously as possible now, and Dr. Rod Parsley will be praying and believing with you that God will honor His promise to bless you and repay your compassion.

America's camp meeting is BACK: Dominion Camp Meeting 2017: LEGACY this June 30 through July 2, 2017 at World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio.


That’s what God wants for you. Not a longing for what COULD be but is yet not… COMPLETION! Not settling for yesterday’s anointing… PERFECTION! Not the memory of the former triumph or the mere shadow of God’s blessing in your life… VICTORY!

This year's anointed ministers include:
  • Pastor Steven Furtick
  • Dr. Perry Stone
  • Pastor Jesse Duplantis
  • Pastor Samuel Rodriguez
  • Pastor Kim Jones Pothier
  • Pastor Ron Carpenter
Along with anointed worship from William McDowell, Tasha Cobbs, Travis Greene, Rick Pino, and Lisa Brunson & Harvest Music Live!

Best of all -- IT'S FREE! READ MORE to get the details, to find accommodations, and to make your plans to join us for this incredible time of ministry, worship, and victory June 30 - July 2.

You can save innocent human lives!
Find out how to provide a frightened young girl that finds herself involved in an unplanned pregnancy with an ultrasound picture of her baby right here in the Breakthrough Women's Clinic. Help save lives today!

Answer the Call to Valor!
Valor Christian College has come a long way in its 26 years. Its entire history – from the beginning, when God directed Dr. Rod Parsley to build an education system, to the present, when thousands of people celebrated the college’s national accreditation in February 2016 – has served as a testimony to what God can do through His obedient servants.

That's right! Valor has successfully completed requirements for Accreditation membership.

How is God calling you to serve Him? No matter how you answer that question, there’s no better way to prepare than by attending Valor Christian College – on campus in Columbus, Ohio, or online from wherever you are right now.
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