No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper!
No Weapon You and your family can be free from the attacks of the evil one when you accept the truth of Isaiah 54:17 and learn to walk by faith in God's abundance. Find out how you can receive this powerful teaching by Dr. Rod Parsley!

Would you like agreement in prayer for your loved ones protection against the forces of darkness? Dr. Parsley wants to agree with you along with the prayer warriors at Breakthrough Ministries. Send us the names of your loved ones today and watch God do a miracle!

Your Joseph blessing is waiting on the release of your BENJAMIN!
Dr. Todd Hall and Pastor Rod Parsley released the revelation that is in Genesis 42 and 43 which tells of the exchange between Joseph, his brothers and Jacob in reference to BENJAMIN, the youngest son of Jacob and the only full blood brother of Joseph, who is now the governor of Egypt.

Because of a significant decision Jacob made to release Benjamin, not only did they receive their money and precious items back they had brought as gifts to Joseph to secure the grain needed for their family to survive the famine, the very wealth of Egypt was laid at their disposal. Wealth that they had not worked for; They obeyed the request of Joseph and therefore received his blessing.

The natural seed releases the supernatural. Your seed can unlock the very windows of heaven. Jesus is waiting to pour you out a blessing that you won’t have room enough to contain it. But you must release your BENJAMIN!
The Season of Resurrection Miracles!
This is the season of undeniable, supernatural victory: the season of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Miracles happen in this season more than any other time, and Pastor Parsley has received a revelation by the Spirit of the Lord that is destined to transform your future, as God's people stand together to honor Him for sowing His own Son, the very first Resurrection Seed!

This is your moment for an abundant harvest of supernatural proportions! Submit your prayer needs now, and learn more about the miracle of the Resurrection Seed!

Partnership that Changes the World!
Breakthrough Covenant Partners enable our ministry to reach the lost and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to effect change in cities, countries, and cultures around the world. They also receive exclusive ministry resources and updates from Pastor Rod Parsley.

Saving souls around the world!
City Harvest Network recently launched over 20 brand-new churches in America and around the world. From Los Angeles, CA, to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to Pakistan / East Asia - the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be proclaimed because of your efforts.

CITY HARVEST NETWORK is a church planting and revitalization movement founded by Pastor Rod Parsley with a vision to equip leaders to reach their cities in the name of Jesus.

A Brand-New Podcast with Dr. Rod Parsley
Are you looking for powerful messages, practical teachings, and insightful lectures filled with God's anointing? Subscribe to the brand new podcast, featuring over 40 years of full-time ministry and instruction of Dr. Rod Parsley, available on iTunes, Google Play, and everywhere podcasts are available!

The #1 Event of the Summer: Dominion Camp Meeting 2018!
Pastor Steven Furtick. Pastor Samuel. Rodriguez. "Real Talk" Kim Pothier. Bishop Tudor Bismark. Pastor Jabin Chavez. Dr. Medina Pullings. Pastor David Crank ... with music from Travis Greene, Tasha Cobbs, and Harvest Music Live ... and hosted by Dr. Rod Parsley.

Make your plans now to get to Columbus, Ohio, June 29, 30 and July 1 for Dominion Camp Meeting! Learn more now!
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