Pastor Rod Parsley presents - The Living Legacy Bible
Legacy Bible Come home back to our Legacy of Faith . . . when every home has a treasured family bible; part of family devotions and prayer it’s pages held the genealogy recorded for future generations.

Pastor Parsley presents this special one-of-a-kind Bible has been specifically prepared for the Breakthrough family.


* Modern English Version of the Bible, the most contemporary update of the King James in more than 30 years.
* Bound in an exquisite soft-touch cover.
* Easy-to-read, larger-print text with words of Christ in red.
* PLUS: the Living Legacy Teaching of Rod Parsley! An exclusive collection of four decades of Pastor Parsley’s most memorable sermons, memories and revelations.

Celebrate 2017, in the Hebrew calendar 5777, by requesting a Breakthrough Legacy Bible today.

Answer the Call to Valor - Fall Semester Classes start on Aug 21!
Valor Christian College has come a long way in its 27 years. Its entire history – from the beginning, when God directed Dr. Rod Parsley to build an education system, to the present, when thousands of people celebrated the college’s national accreditation in February 2016 – has served as a testimony to what God can do through His obedient servants.

That's right! Valor has successfully completed requirements for Accreditation membership.

How is God calling you to serve Him? No matter how you answer that question, there’s no better way to prepare than by attending Valor Christian College – on campus in Columbus, Ohio, or online from wherever you are right now.

Fall Classes start on August 21 and are filling up fast. Request an information brochure and sign-up now to be a part of the "School of the Spirit."
Dominion Camp Meeting: LEGACY Merchandise
Dominion Camp Meeting may have passed, but that doesn't mean what God is doing in His people is at an end! Pick up your LEGACY merchandise now to keep the incredible supernatural, miracle-working outpouring of the Holy Spirit flowing in your life!

The #DCM2017 Complete Conference Set is now available on HD Download, DVD, CD and USB Thumb Drive. Also all the product specials that were offered at the conference are here at a very low price, but only for a limited time. Request YOURS today!


City Harvest Network
The vision of this important network created by Dr. Rod Parsley:


CITY HARVEST NETWORK is a church planting and church revitalization movement with a vision to equip leaders to reach their cities more effectively with the Gospel.

CHN was birthed out of the passion of founder, Dr. Rod Parsley, to ensure that the next generation of the Pentecostal church is strategically equipped to lead the way in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

If you are a Pastor in your city and would like to find out more about influencing your community for Christ, we want to help you. Sign up TODAY.

Partnership that Changes the World!
Partner with Dr. Rod Parsley as a Breakthrough Covenant Partner to reach the lost and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and prepare for an amazing year of blessings and miracles! We are believing God for :

* FAMILY blessing
* FINANCIAL blessing
* FREEDOM declared
* An anointing of God’s FAVOR

2017 is the year 5777 on God's divine calendar: the year of trifecta perfection which creates a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of God’s great celebration and overwhelming anointing!

To learn more about the benefits of Covenant Partnership, read more!

Receive your miracle in this God-appointed moment!
Dr. Coy Barker recently was in the High Definition Breakthrough TV studio and delivered a “now” word to all who to those who have an ear to hear.

God has announced in this season of 2017...
  • The season in your life of not being fruitful is over...
  • The harsh hard winter in your life is
    over ...
  • Shame is going to break off of you like chains unlocking ...
  • You are going to see the Power and Victory of God ...
  • There is a harvest coming like you have never seen ...
God is ready to release a seven times greater anointing into your life suddenly. Receive this word in this God-appointed moment and find out how to step into a season of His abundant blessings.

Share your TESTIMONY!
Has God touched you in a special way as a result of placing your faith in Him by hearing the word of God from the preaching of Pastor Parsley through the Breakthrough TV ministry?

* Did God give you a miracle through the obedience of sending in a prayer request and sowing a Resurrection Seed?

* Have you received a healing in your body or deliverance in your mind? Has a family member been saved as a result of sending in a prayer request to this ministry or receiving a prayer cloth?

* Did a family member get saved or did you give your life to Jesus as a result of hearing the word of God through the Breakthrough broadcast?

Pastor Parsley wants to know about it!

If God has touched you, encouraged you, or changed your life in a supernatural way through the Breakthrough broadcast, please fill out the testimony form and let us know. We want to rejoice with you as you enjoy the blessing of God in 2017!
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