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Help Bridge of Hope be a First Responder!
Bridge of Hope Because of you, Bridge of Hope has helped free and feed families in Sudan, has given relief to tornado victims in Oklahoma and has provided food and supplies to the suffering in the Philippines. Plus you are helping Pastor Parsley and Bridge of Hope ministries preach the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

You can also help us be ready when a natural disaster strikes anywhere in the world. All you need to do is listen to the latest TV news report to hear how tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters destroy lives on U.S. soil and around the world.

BRIDGE OF HOPE will be there as a FIRST RESPONDER if you will help us. Would you consider a donation today to help us BE THE HANDS OF CHRIST to those who are desperately in need of food and supplies?

New Lecture Series in March: Everyday... Matters with Dr. Rod Parsley
Beginning March 8: Everyday... Matters Strengthen your foundation – join Dr. Rod Parsley for an eight week lecture series on relationships, marriage, and personal finances that will equip you to make EVERY day, matter.

Everyday... Matters is offered as a lecture series at World Harvest Church. Whether you attend in person, or online, lectures are offered for a minimal fee and are open to students and non-students alike. Interested to learn more about the enrollment and application process at Valor Christian College? You may also register now for this timely lecture by Dr. Rod Parsley.
Learn the authority you have as child of God!
Learn the authority you have as child of God! Bishop George Bloomer joins Pastor Rod Parsley in the Breakthrough TV studios to discuss. spiritual warfare and the devices the enemy uses to deceive millions around the world in today’s culture.

Pastor Parsley and Bishop Bloomer show through God’s word how to have complete victory in every area of your life by exposing these devices and how to defeat them.

Find out the vital ministry resources available to help you forever win this battle.

Attention: WHMA Members - Maximum Ministry Methods
Maximum Ministry Methods Make plans today to join Pastor Parsley at World Harvest Church in Columbus for Maximum Ministry Methods on Sunday and Monday, March 15 & 16, 2015 for an exclusive time of teaching, fellowship, and impartation, designed to equip you with the tools you need to answer the call God has placed on your life!

The cost of registration is just $200 and covers your hotel for the nights of March 15th and 16th in addition to breakfast and lunch on Monday, March 16th.

Join with Pastor Rod Parsley in Covenant Partnership in 2015!
Covenant Partnership If you need a miracle -- if the devil is attacking you -- if disease is coming against you -- if you feel your lost loved ones are farther than ever from home -- if you’re drowning in debt or depression --

2015 is the year for the resurrection power of Christ to be released in your life through a covenant connection!

This year is "15" -- 2015 -- the year of 7 + 8 ... the year of covenant + resurrection, which equals miracles in your life! We are going to covenant together for the resurrection power of our Savior Jesus Christ to be manifested in every area you need a miracle!

Click below to find out more about Covenant Partnership with Pastor Rod Parsley!

Divine Encounter - The Powerful New Book from Pastor Rod Parsley
Divine Encounters This powerful new book celebrates God's Calendar, God's Celestial Clues and God's Culmination of Creation.

Learn to "abide in the calendar of God"... live in His times, His cycles and His seasons so you can experience His miraculous provisions and prosperity.

This book is a must read for all who are listening for God's Prophetic Voice in the end times of the world today. Order yours while supplies last.

2015 Resurrection Seed - Release The Rest!
2015: a time for your harvest, your transformation ... time for God to RELEASE THE REST into your life that you so desperately need!

What’s the rest you need God to release into your life? A financial breakthrough? A touch from God in your body? Your family restored? 2015 is your year to receive what you need from the Lord!

Sow your Resurrection Seed. Unleash God’s blessing in your life! Send your prayer request and Pastor Parsley will pray over your needs personally on Resurrection Sunday -- Easter Sunday morning. Send them today. And meanwhile, your seed will help Breakthrough continue ministering to you and to multitudes worldwide!
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