God’s Ultimate Rewards Program
Everywhere you go someone wants you to sign up for their “exclusive” rewards program. And time after time you are promised a reward that turns out to be unattainable or worthless. But God’s Ultimate Rewards Program is just the opposite and will change your life!

There are four keys to His rewards program and YOUR Miracle. And when you receive this word and make it your own, there are three life-transforming, destiny altering blessings God wants to release into your life.

The #1 Event of the Summer: Dominion Camp Meeting 2018
Pastor Steven Furtick. Pastor Samuel Rodriguez. "Real Talk" Kim Pothier. Bishop Tudor Bismark. Dr. Medina Pullings. Pastor David Crank ... with music from Travis Greene, Tasha Cobbs, Pastor Jabin Chavez, and Harvest Music Live ... and hosted by Dr. Rod Parsley.

Make your plans now to get to Columbus, Ohio, June 29, 30 and July 1 for Dominion Camp Meeting!
Your Promise for Beauty For Ashes
God promises in Isaiah 61 to “comfort all who mourn … to give to them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified.”

You can receive the peace, healing and deliverance you need! Get ready to turn your ashes into beauty, your mourning into joy by God’s power!

Ellen E. Parsley Scholarship
For over 25 years, Mrs. Ellen Parsley championed the mission and ministry of Valor Christian College that the Holy Spirit birthed in the heart of her son, Dr. Rod Parsley.

During her decades of ministry, countless men and women, churches, and students have been radically changed by the influence of Mrs. Ellen Parsley … and many thousands have attended Valor as a result of her prophetic gift. Now you can apply to receive a scholarship to Valor in her name and honor.

City Harvest Network Update
City Harvest Network is exploding all around the world…

In Pakistan, revival has broken out and we now have 19 total Holy Ghost faith-filled churches in operation with the opportunity to have two more ready to open up very soon. God is moving in a mighty way in these last days as the Lord is bringing in the end-time harvest.

Dominion Camp Meeting 2018 is coming and we are anticipating great things for CHN. There will be special events with Pastor Parsley with the power of God ready to be displayed for those in attendance.

God is on the move in City Harvest Network. Pastor Parsley invites you to be a part of something great!

Partnership that Changes the World!
Breakthrough Covenant Partners enable our ministry to reach the lost and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to effect change in cities, countries, and cultures around the world. They also receive exclusive ministry resources and updates from Pastor Rod Parsley.

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