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Receive the 30, 60 and 100 FOLD BLESSING!
30,60,100 Fold Blessing It is not God’s purpose for you to live in lack! God's Promised Harvest is for you! Pastor Rod Parsley and Pastor Larry Huch are believing for you to receive supernatural debt cancellation and supernatural breakthrough in every area of your life!

Find out how to break the bondage of poverty in your life forever. Receive a 30, 60 and even 100 fold blessing as you obey the instruction of God spoken through his humble servants.

Your New Beginning – A Divine Turning!
Dr. Medina Pullings joined Pastor Rod Parsley on a recent Breakthrough broadcast and announced that heaven is about to deal severely with the adversarial forces that are arrayed against you.

Zephaniah 3:19 says: “Behold, at that time I will undo all that afflict thee…

We may not know what is afflicting you…abusing you… but the Holy Ghost knows! He knows personally what you are going through. He has heard you and God is intervening in your life right now! He is getting rid of the affliction. He’s calling it to come to a halt and you are about to move in a New Direction. There’s about to be a Turnaround. In the past your shame went public…your embarrassment went public. Now your TURNING POINT is going public!

Make today a Divine Turning in your life… a Turning Point…a Turnaround. This is your moment. Receive valuable resources into your life and watch God undo the affliction and embarrassment in your life and head you in a New Direction!
At Valor Christian College, YOUR STORY can begin!
Valor Christian College is not just a place to BE, but a place to BEcome. Whether you're interested in attending Valor in person or online, we know you'll receive the instruction that only Valor Christian College can provide. And you'll have plenty of opportunity to receive a fresh impartation of anointing from Dr. Rod Parsley! Take another step closer to fulfilling the call of God on your life. Request an information packet today, and begin the journey that will change your life forever!

VCC News Update:
Valor Christian College has recently received the consummation of a 24 year miracle by having its incoming and current students eligible to receive Title IV funding from the Federal Government. Find out how this new financial benefit can help your God-given dream to become a reality at Valor Christian College.

Prayer Cloth 2015 - Jubilee Anointing
What is your greatest need? Physical healing -- salvation of loved ones -- freedom from financial pressure -- deliverance from debt -- escape from addiction -- a marriage saved -- restoration of your household -- protection for children or grandchildren – there is no limit to what God can do!

This is what the Lord has in store for you as you move out in faith and request a prayer cloth … unparalleled physical ... emotional ... financial healing ... the key to your loved one’s salvation ... your deliverance from that habit or bondage ... This can be your TRANSFORMING TOUCH!

So send in your prayer requests and ask for a prayer cloth that is placed at the foot of the Calvary Memorial where Kenneth Copeland and Pastor Rod Parsley with thousands of prayer warriors will be praying for your miracle.

God's End-Time Calendar: The Prophetic Meaning Behind Celestial Events and Seasons
We live in a culture that has made a habit of not just ignoring, but overthrowing time -tested principles that would direct us to virtue and victory if we would observe them. As we see catastrophes and calamities around the world, and the continual upheaval of the foundations and values we hold so dear, we can't help but wonder what God in heaven is saying to His church.

How should we interpret the turmoil we see around us and in the world? Is there a message God wants to relay by the four blood moons that appeared on the feasts of Passover and Tabernacles in 2014 and 2015? Delve into the prophetic meaning of these signs in God's End-Time Calendar: The Prophetic Meaning Behind Celestial Events and Seasons.

This book holds a road map to help you uncover the deep mysteries of God's intentions for celestial signs, to reveal the connection between the old and new covenants, and to prepare you as we head toward the dawn of eternity.
Request YOUR copy of the Signed Author Edition Today!

In Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the Scriptures make it plain that Jesus originally called 12 disciples. Then He called me and you. Each one of us is disciple 13. "We" is me. "We" is you. "We" is anyone who is born into the kingdom of God. At World Harvest Church, we want to live lives that reflect this philosophy.

#WEARE13 is a movement, a shift in thinking, in which we LOVE. LISTEN. LEAD. as disciples of Jesus Christ. We're commissioned to disciple, and we're commissioned to serve - the body of Christ and the community beyond our walls.

Breakthrough Online Store: Ministry Resources you need!
The Holiday season is fast approaching. Breakthrough ministries wants you to think about Pastor Rod Parsley's latest ministry resources when buying gifts for your loved ones.

We have a category in the store now called, Holiday Gift Items, which are items we have sale priced for you to be able to bless your friends and family with anointed teaching from Pastor Rod Parsley and hand-picked gifts that have been offered on Breakthrough sure to be a blessing to all.

Selected gift items include:
Pastor Parsley's latest best seller, "God's End Time Calendar".
Pastor Parsley's book, "The Cross: One Man, One Tree, One Friday".
Everything you need from "Behold" Dominion Camp Meeting 2015.
...and more items sure to bless family and friends.

Get these powerful resources and much more from the Breakthrough online store this holiday season.
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