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Receive 5 life-changing blessings - Feast of Tabernacles
The Feast of Tabernacles This season is the last of three commanded feasts…the Feast of Tabernacles. Leviticus 23 and Deuteronomy 16 promise FIVE ASTOUNDING BLESSINGS at the Feast of Tabernacles, expressed in symbols of everyday life:

1. “Oxen” -- the “work animal” represents your substance: your livelihood, shelter, financial health. There is going to be an end-time transfer of wealth!
2. “Sheep” -- the source of both food and clothing, it represents your necessities: God will never let you go without the essentials!
3. “Wine” -- a symbol of joy, flowing from the Fruit of the Spirit; God is committed to giving you joy and growing you spiritually.
4. “Strong drink” for healing, God’s power in your body!
5. “Whatever your soul desires” -- God wants to give you the longings of your heart!

Would you consider sowing a seed of faith? Your Feast of Tabernacles seed-faith gift will be your SOW Offering -- for the Strangers, Orphans and Widows.

You’ll be helping Bridge of Hope rush life-saving food to desperate children and families in South Sudan ... and help Pastor Parsley continue to preach the Gospel to a lost and hurting world through our Breakthrough television broadcast.

We will celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles on Sunday, October 23. Pastor Parsley will pray over your requests -- for God to release the FIVE SUPERNATURAL BLESSINGS upon you. Anointed prayer warriors from across the nation will join him in prayer for YOU and your needs.

Receive your miracle in this God-appointed moment!
Dr. Coy Barker recently was in the High Definition Breakthrough TV studio and delivered a “now” word to all who to those who have an ear to hear.

God has announced in this season of 2016...
  • The season in your life of not being fruitful is over...
  • The harsh hard winter in your life is
    over ...
  • Shame is going to break off of you like chains unlocking ...
  • You are going to see the Power and Victory of God ...
  • There is a harvest coming like you have never seen ...
God is ready to release a seven times greater anointing into your life suddenly. Receive this word in this God-appointed moment and find out how to step into a season of His abundant blessings.
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Starting on Monday, October 17th, Pastor Parsley wants to impart into you the fresh revelation God has given him concerning the Feast of Tabernacles.

This special teaching is vital for anyone desiring more of God – more of His presence – and who longs to dwell with Him.

If you want to learn the mystery of the Sukkot and want to feel God's presence in a new and fresh way, please participate in 7 Days of Divine Embrace.

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The shofar has sounded — the Year of Jubilee has begun! Join Pastor Parsley as a Breakthrough Covenant Partner, and prepare for the amazing Year of Jubilee blessings…
  1. A family blessing
  2. A financial blessing
  3. A dream fulfilled
  4. A freedom breakthrough
  5. An anointing of God’s favor

This Year of Jubilee is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience God’s great celebration and Jubilee anointing! Please stand with Pastor Parsley as a Breakthrough Covenant Partner, and let him and Joni pray for you to experience every single blessing of this Jubilee year.

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