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Receive the Prophet's Reward!
77 Completion of God Every attack of the adversary represented in your life right now is about to be defeated if you will only obey a simple instruction. Energize and activate your faith with the power of a seed.

Sow a prophetic seed and receive the three promised blessings of II Kings 4 as you believe, receive and act on the word the prophet of this ministry, Pastor Rod Parsley, has spoken. Your seed is evidence that you believe God’s promise is true and is coming to pass in your life.

While you are sowing your prophetic seed, ask for Pastor Parsley's latest series of messages called, The Prophet's Voice Collection, his foundational book called, Repairs of the Breach, and as a bonus, a DVD called, The Prophet's Reward.

Start off the second half of 2015 receiving a prophet’s reward according to Matthew 10:41. Send us your prayer requests and sow your prophetic seed today!

At Valor Christian College, YOUR STORY can begin!
Valor Christian College Valor Christian College is not just a place to BE, but a place to BEcome. Whether you're interested in attending Valor in person or online, we know you'll receive the instruction that only Valor Christian College can provide. And you'll have plenty of opportunity to receive a fresh impartation of anointing from Dr. Rod Parsley! Take another step closer to fulfilling the call of God on your life. Request an information packet today, and begin the journey that will change your life forever!

VCC News Update:
Valor Christian College has recently received the consummation of a 24 year miracle by having its incoming and current students eligible to receive Title IV funding from the Federal Government. Find out how this new financial benefit can help your God-given dream to become a reality at Valor Christian College.
Mix your praying and your giving today!
Prophet Brian Carn joined Pastor Parsley in the studio recently on breakthrough to discuss the topic of prayer. According to 2 Chronicles 7:14,

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways. Then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land.”

This is what God is wanting our prayer life to be…

To stir us up again
To take us back to Intercessory Prayer
To take us back to Consecration
To give up back our First Love
To take us to where we desire to live the Nazarite Vow

Join Pastor Parsley and Prophet Carn today in crying out like David unto the Lord in Psalm 51, “Create in me a new heart and renew a right spirit in me…”

Consecrate yourself by prayer and giving like Cornelius did in the book of Acts. Consider a gift of $51 and watch God move in your life and lives of your loved ones. Watch a Spirit of Prayer and Angelic Intervention take over your family and your home today. Get ready! Your MIRACLE is coming!

Bishop Clint Brown - August 2nd at World Harvest Church in the 10:00 a.m. service!
Pastor Rod Parsley is fortunate to be able to stand side by side with some outstanding men and women of God who are making a positive impact for the Kingdom. One of these men, Bishop Clint Brown will be joining him Sunday, August 2, in the 10:00 am service at World Harvest Church Columbus.

An anointed Psalmist and a great Gospel Preacher, Bishop Brown is Pastor Parsley's spiritual son so you will not want to miss one moment of the service this Sunday morning, where faith in God will be high and the anointing of God is sure to manifest in a very tangible way in the 10:00 am service.

The summer theme "Radical Sabbatical - Don't Miss Your Turn" is bound to teach us all how to prioritize our lives & you won't want to miss this service!

Join with Pastor Rod Parsley in Covenant Partnership in 2015!
Covenant Partnership If you need a miracle -- if the devil is attacking you -- if disease is coming against you -- if you feel your lost loved ones are farther than ever from home -- if you’re drowning in debt or depression --

2015 is the year for the resurrection power of Christ to be released in your life through a covenant connection!

This year is "15" -- 2015 -- the year of 7 + 8 ... the year of covenant + resurrection, which equals miracles in your life! We are going to covenant together for the resurrection power of our Savior Jesus Christ to be manifested in every area you need a miracle!

Click below to find out more about Covenant Partnership with Pastor Rod Parsley and hear a personal message recently recorded by Pastor Parsley to his Covenant Partners.

Request this lovely, cross pendant necklace today!
Cross Necklace Wear this beautiful cross pendant necklace as a testimony of your faith and to open the door to share the Gospel of Christ with others! Click here and find out how to recieve one today for you and your loved ones. What a perfect gift and what an opportunity to help Breakthrough Ministries and Pastor Parsley preach the gospel around the world.

Harvest Music Live's debut album, Light the World on Fire - Available NOW!
The debut Album - Light the World on Fire - Available Now Order YOUR copy of Harvest Music Live's debut album, Light the World on Fire NOW on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

REVIVAL IS HERE! Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of the new sound in Christian Music! A new generation with a new voice!

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