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WATCH NOW - 2015 BEHOLD Dominion Camp Meeting - Clint Bown
Experience three days of life-changing ministry July 3,4,5 at World Harvest Church in Columbus Ohio.

Join Pastor Rod Parsley with his special guests: Brian Carn, Perry Stone, Jasmin Sculark, Jesse Duplantis, Steven Furtick and Clint Brown with special music by: Fred Hammond, William McDowell, David & Nicole Binion and Lisa Brunson.

WATCH NOW as this morning's speaker is Bishop Clint Brown on

Send in your Prayer Requests NOW - We want to pray for YOU at Dominion Camp Meeting!
77 Completion of God Send in your prayer requests now because at Dominion Camp Meeting Pastor Parsley and thousands of mighty prayer warriors will be praying over your needs.

Every attack of the adversary represented in your life right now is about to be defeated if you will only obey a simple instruction. Energize and activate your faith with the power of a seed.

Sow a prophetic seed and receive the three promised blessings of II Kings 4 as you believe, receive and act on the word the prophet of this ministry, Pastor Rod Parsley, has spoken. Your seed is evidence that you believe God’s promise is true and is coming to pass in your life.

While you are sowing your prophetic seed, ask for Pastor Parsley's latest series of messages called, The Prophet's Voice Collection, his foundational book called, Repairs of the Breach, and as a bonus, a DVD called, The Prophet's Reward.

Start off the second half of 2015 receiving a prophet’s reward according to Matthew 10:41. Send us your prayer requests and sow your prophetic seed today!
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Thank you for giving HELP, HOPE, and LIFE!
BOH Thank You Because of you, Bridge of Hope in the last year has helped free and feed families in Sudan, give relief to tornado victims in Oklahoma and provide food and supplies to the suffering in the Philippines. Plus the Lord is continuing to use Pastor Parsley and Bridge of Hope preach the gospel around the world for Jesus Christ. Find out how you can continue to help Pastor Parsley be a blessing to those who need it most.

Divine Encounter: Celebrating God's Calendar. Celestial Clues. Culmination of Creation.
Divine Encounter God has ordained a series of supernaturally orchestrated encounters to help you understand and experience what has already been provided for you -- and what has been planned for your future.

Discover the richness of Jewish culture, practices, and traditions that will lead you to profound revelations hidden within the calendar of God and His prescribed celebrations.
  • The remarkable season of blessing God has ordained for you and how to enter the most life transforming season you have ever experienced.
  • How to receive the unique blessings that are only available during God’s major feast seasons.
  • Powerful insights into the deeper meanings of God’s Word to help you walk in the fullness of His plan and purpose for your life every day.
  • The fascinating scenario of blessing God is unveiling by marking this time - THIS season - with Red Blood Moons on Passover and Tabernacles.

God wants to make your dreams come true!
In Pastor Parsley's 40 years of ministry, he has seen thousands of people see their dreams come true as they trusted God’s Word, sowing seed and reaping the harvest. In 2015, he wants desperately to have this for you also.

It can begin with the seed you sow today -- and the prayers of 5,000 prayer warriors bombarding heaven at Camp Meeting on your behalf!

Let it all begin in the Garden of Dreams ... a beautiful meditation area that will be located on the Breakthrough ministry grounds.

We will break ground on this anointed area during the "BEHOLD" Dominion Camp Meeting, July 3,4,5.

Fins out how you can have have your name on one of the beautiful touchstones in the garden and have your dreams prayed for in the years to come by anointed prayer warriors.

At Valor Christian College, YOUR STORY can begin!
Valor Christian College Valor Christian College is not just a place to BE, but a place to BEcome. Whether you're interested in attending Valor in person or online, we know you'll receive the instruction that only Valor Christian College can provide. And you'll have plenty of opportunity to receive a fresh impartation of anointing from Dr. Rod Parsley! Take another step closer to fulfilling the call of God on your life. Request an information packet today, and begin the journey that will change your life forever!

VCC News Update:
Valor Christian College has recently received the consummation of a 24 year miracle by having its incoming and current students eligible to receive Title IV funding from the Federal Government. Find out how this new financial benefit can help your God-given dream to become a reality at Valor Christian College.
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