Receive the Blessings of Firstfruits!
Firstfruits 2023 God has a perfect plan for your abundance and blessing … and you decide whether you want to put that plan in motion now to increase you throughout 2023. How do you activate the promises? By bringing your Firstfruits Offering — a God-established principle for your success every year — at the beginning of the year!

Proverbs 3:9-10 says, "Honor the Lord with your substance, and with the firstfruits of all your increase; so your barns will be filled with plenty, and your presses will burst out with new wine."

Put God first in the first month of 2023 and experience a life of blessing all year long!

God's Got You Covered
You may be facing the greatest trials and conflicts of your life — but you are not facing them alone. Yes, God is shaking this world, but He has given you keys for protection — and when you make these keys a part of your life, you will emerge victoriously!
Build Your Faith Now!
Invitation to Sit at The King's Table

God’s Spirit moved Pastor Parsley to give you this word for 2023 and he does not want you to miss what He is saying in these critical moments.

It’s just like the covenant between David and Jonathan in the Old Testament: although Jonathan was the son of David’s most deadly enemy, he told David: “Go in peace, since the two of us swore in the name of the Lord, saying, ‘The Lord will be between me and you, and between my descendants and your descendants forever’” (1 Samuel 20:42).

Whatever the Lord lays on your heart to do, respond in faith! Sow today and request your powerful ministry resources, believing God for your supernatural turnaround!
Respond in Faith today!

7 Minutes of Daily Wisdom and Peace: Request Your Gift!
Pastor developed this 40-day guide to wisdom and peace through an examination of the Psalms and Proverbs. Set aside seven minutes total each day to focus on the Word and commune with the Father.
Request Now!

Bachelor Degree Programs at Valor Christian College
Apply now to begin or continue your journey toward a fully accredited, four-year Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry with areas of study:

* Bible & Theology
* Leadership/Administration
* Ministry Development
* Communication
* Media

... and more! Don't wait! Answer the call of the Lord on your life TODAY!

City Harvest Network
Dr. Rod Parsley invites all Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to become a member of CITY HARVEST NETWORK and see what God can do to revitalize your ministry!

All you need to do is contact our offices at 614.382.1135 or through to connect with one of our City Harvest Network Pastors. We are ready and eager to answer your questions about what Dr. Rod Parsley and City Harvest Network can do to revitalize YOUR ministry.

Share your TESTIMONY!
Has God touched you in a special way as a result of placing your faith in Him? Have you received a miracle, a healing in your body, seen a loved one saved, had a divine turn around in your finances, or some other miraculous move of God?

If God has touched you, encouraged you, or changed your life in a supernatural way, Pastor Parsley wants to know about it! Please fill out the testimony form and let us know. We want to rejoice with you as you enjoy the blessings of God!
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