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Firstfruits - Receive a Supernatural Harvest of Blessing in 2017
Make God #1 Regardless of the circumstances you are facing today, God has established a principle of success in 2017...

Make God #1...The Law of First Fruits

Matthew 6:33 says:"Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you."

This is a prophetic season. The year 2017 on the Hebrew calendar is 5777... and 777 is God's number of perfection.

Pastor Rod and Joni Parsley are setting a time to pray for you and your household in the month of January. Then on January 31 at 9 pm ET, they will gather with you for a LIVE prayer event that you will not want to miss.

So send in your prayer requests and sign up for this special time of prayer on January 31. And don't forget to send your First Fruits seed for 2017.

Your action right now can set your miracle in motion. Make God your #1 priority in 2017 today!

Receive a Prophets Reward in 2017
The woman in II Kings was blessed, because she perceived a holy man of God, participated in blessing the prophet, and thereby positioned herself for a miracle.

Recognize the anointing that rests on the prophetic voice of Dr. Rod Parsley in his 60th year with a special seed of $60 or more sowing a dollar for each year of Dr. Parsley's life.

As you determine to honor and sustain the prophetic voice in his life, we believe that you are about to receive a prophet's reward, and the miracle you have never even dared to dream, is about to manifest in 2017.
Answer the Call to Valor!
Valor Christian College has come a long way in its 26 years. Its entire history – from the beginning, when God directed Dr. Rod Parsley to build an education system, to the present, when thousands of people celebrated the college’s national accreditation in February 2016 – has served as a testimony to what God can do through His obedient servants.

That's right! Valor has successfully completed requirements for Accreditation membership.

How is God calling you to serve Him? No matter how you answer that question, there’s no better way to prepare than by attending Valor Christian College – on campus in Columbus, Ohio, or online from wherever you are right now.

Spring Semester has started in 2017! Sign-up now and watch what God does as you obey His call that He has destined for your life.

Breakthrough Covenant Partner - Join TODAY
The year of 2017 has begun. Join Pastor Parsley as a Breakthrough Covenant Partner, and prepare for an amazing year of blessings and miracles as you make a covenant with this ministry in 2017. Get ready to receive...
  1. A family blessing
  2. A financial blessing
  3. A dream fulfilled
  4. A freedom breakthrough
  5. An anointing of God’s favor

This year in the Hebrew is 5777. God's year of a trifecta of perfection which creates a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of God’s great celebration and over-whelming anointing in 2017! Please stand with Pastor Parsley as a Breakthrough Covenant Partner, and let him and Joni pray for you to experience every single blessing of this upcoming year.

For more information about this wonderful opportunity, click below.

Request this beautiful Breakthrough cross necklace today!
Wear this necklace as a testimony of your faith and to open the door to share the Gospel of Christ with others! Click here and find out how to recieve one today for you and your loved ones. What a perfect gift and what an opportunity to help Breakthrough Ministries and Pastor Parsley preach the gospel around the world.

God not only wants to bless you in 2017, but for the rest of your life!
Bishop George Bloomer recently gave a word from the platform of World Harvest Church that Dr. Rod Parsley wants you to receive deep down into your spirit for 2017.

Your economy does not depend upon the systems of this world. Your economy is Kingdom economy and in this hour, in this season of doubt, God is releasing His accountants in the area, and they are about to exempt you from exacts that you have been under. You are absolutely about to move into an area of RELEASE!

So…whatever you are going through right now is about to change for the good. In other words…Dr. Parsley and Bishop Bloomer want you to know for 2017…


Find out how you can make 2017 your best year ever!

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