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2015 Resurrection Seed - Pastor Rod Parsley and Bishop George Bloomer!
Pastor Parsley and Bishop Bloomer talk about the end of anxiety about your finances -- your unsaved child -- your medical situation -- Your troubled relationship! – Your job! – Your bondage!

15 is the year for God to RELEASE THE REST! Wholeness! Deliverance! Victory! The power, the glory, the joy of the presence of Jesus!

When you sow your Resurrection Seed gift today, you will receive Bishop George Bloomer's Message on DVD, You will find it...this time in the dark.

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The Spirit of the Lord has spoken to Pastor Parsley to teach you daily during the seven days before Easter Sunday. Sign up to receive his seven day teaching series concerning the divine encounter God has planned for His people in this anointed season – according to His calendar.

Hurry! The teaching emails start on 3/29/15!
You're invited! Join us Good Friday for Our Holy Communion & Miracle Service!
Good Friday Holy Communion & Miracle Service - 7pm - Friday, April 3rd Make plans TODAY to join us for our Good Friday Holy Communion & Miracle Service, to commemorate the sacrifice Jesus made for each one of us.... THIS Good Friday, April 3rd at 7 pm Eastern Time at World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio!

LIVE, one night only: Holy Communion with Pastor Rod and Joni Parsley, and special guests, Marcus and Joni Lamb of the great Daystar Television Network.

On this anointed night, hundreds of thousands of prayer partners will join together in faith around the world to believe for YOUR miracle, LIVE at 7 pm ET right here at and, or at 8 pm by Satellite and Cable on the Daystar Television Network.

Submit your prayer requests today, and prepare for Holy Communion & Miracles THIS Good Friday!

Learn the authority you have as child of God!
Learn the authority you have as child of God! Bishop George Bloomer joins Pastor Rod Parsley in the Breakthrough TV studios to discuss. spiritual warfare and the devices the enemy uses to deceive millions around the world in today’s culture.

Pastor Parsley and Bishop Bloomer show through God’s word how to have complete victory in every area of your life by exposing these devices and how to defeat them.

Find out the vital ministry resources available to help you forever win this battle.

Watch This Video - Answer the Call to Valor!
Valor Christian College God is sending out a clarion call for students to come to Valor Christian College. There’s about to be an explosion of power, and if you have felt a call of God on your life, you need to be here to receive it.

Watch this informative video then ask for your free brochure and find out how you can be a part of the "School of the Spirit."

God said, "I'm about to RELEASE the REST!"
RELEASE the REST: Resurrection Seed 2015 A time for your harvest. A time for your transformation. A time for God to RELEASE THE REST into your life! A season unlike any other, in a divinely marked year - 2015. Hebrew year 5775.

What’s the rest you need God to release into your life? A financial breakthrough? A touch from God in your body? Your family restored? God's said He'll release it!

Unleash God’s blessing in your life! When you activate your faith - and put what's in your hand in God's, He puts what's in His hand in yours.

Step out in faith: Send your prayer requests to be placed at the miracle altar of the Calvary Memorial during our Good Friday Miracle Service and during our Resurrection Sunday Morning service. Sow your Resurrection Seed offering TODAY!

Receiving a Prophet’s Reward in 2015
77 Completion of God Every attack of the adversary represented in your life right now is about to be defeated if you will only obey a simple instruction. Energize and activate your faith with the power of a seed.

Send in your prayer requests and sow a prophetic seed and receive the three promised blessings of II Kings 4 as you believe, receive and act on the word the prophet of this ministry, Pastor Rod Parsley. Your seed is evidence that you believe God’s promise is true and is coming to pass in your life.

Start off 2015 receiving a prophet’s reward according to Matthew 10:41. Sow your prophetic seed today!
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