Daily Devotion for December 16

A Day with Joni ~ Forgetting the Past

…but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead…
– Philippians 3:13

The apostle Paul encouraged, “forgetting those things which are behind us.” It’s like cleaning out the basement – or for my friends down south, the garage or an attic. How do you decide what to keep and what to throw away? We should forget anything that God has forgotten. His promise to “remember our sins no more” is one of the crown jewels of grace. Holding ourselves captive to forgiven sin is sheer folly. We should forget anything that centers on self. Paul summed up his former life of personal ambition and achievement with a pungent word: dung. Read Philippians 3. I’m not kidding. We should forget the sins of others against us. We are to forgive. This one, I know, is the hardest. When we settle in among clutter from the past, we rob ourselves of a new frontier. When we forget these things, we make room for something better – we reach forward. Beloved, look around. Is it time to sweep out things of the dusty past? Lord, just like cleaning out the basement or the garage – these things feel so meaningful. They’re hurts I’ve held on to; treasures I’ve stored. Will You give me wisdom and insight? Which things in my past are a hindrance to my future joy in You? Help me pack them up and send them away – forever. Amen.

Further Reading
  • Micah 5:1-7:20
  • Revelation 7:1-17
  • Psalm 135:1-21
  • Proverbs 30:5-6

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