Daily Devotion for May 24

A Day with Joni ~ Home Recipe

Let everyone come to know your gentleness.
– Philippians 4:5a

Building a family is the greatest building project of all. Sticks, bricks, steel, glass, and concrete are all child’s play when compared to the complex nature of molding a marriage and shaping a child.

God is life’s Master Builder, but He has entrusted spouses and parents with very important work. And He’s identified a crucial tool for these callings: gentleness. You might have thought the job called for muscle and pressure, but in the home gentleness can accomplish what brute force cannot!

We’re told to love our spouses, to respect and submit to one another. We’re told to admonish our children, but not to exasperate them. To serve as examples before them. To impress our faith upon them (see Deuteronomy 6:4-10). These are all tasks accomplished with gentleness.

Husbands and wives, moms and dads, we don’t need bigger hammers or tighter grips – just more love and gentleness.

Gracious Heavenly Father, You are loving and kind. You are patient and forgiving. You are merciful and gracious. Will You cultivate more of those attributes in me? May my gentleness and kindness increase in my home, and be evident to all – especially to my spouse and children!

Further Reading
  • 2 Samuel 22:1-23:23
  • Acts 2:1-47
  • Psalm 122:1-9
  • Proverbs 16:19-20

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