Pastor Rod Parsley
Daily Devotion for May 4

Empty Yourself

You will fill me with joy in your presence…
Psalms 16:11

God has the power to meet you at your deepest point of need.

The key is creating an environment where your faith can contact God’s presence to receive your answer. You need the manifest anointing of God for a breakthrough (Hebrews 1:9). To do this, you must bring yourself to a place—physically, emotionally and spiritually—where you want nothing else but God and His anointing in your life…and will settle for nothing else than His presence.

Like the stone water pots at the wedding of Cana, God is preparing to pour out something special in your midst. But first, you must empty yourself of everything else. You must pour out your dreams, your hopes, your plans, your family, your future, your finances—so you can become an empty vessel for God to pour His anointing into.

When Jesus saw the six stone pots sitting at the wedding, he said, “Fill the jars with water”—and likewise, Jesus is saying to you and me, “Give me what you have…and I will transform you into a vessel full of my anointing!” Filling the jars with wine was the first sign in a series of miracles to come, proving that He was the Messiah, able to change lives with His anointing!

The anointing of God turns the ordinary into extraordinary!

Further Reading
  • John 2
  • John 14:9-27
  • Acts 1:8

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