World Harvest Church Columbus
Began as a backyard Bible study in 1977 with 17 people and growing by the grace of God into a 12,000 member multi-campus church in Columbus, OH, World Harvest Church is a family-friendly congregation of Spirit-filled believers in Jesus Christ, representing every age, ethnic group, and walk of life.

World Harvest Church Elkhart
The mission of World Harvest Church Elkhart stems from Pastor Parsley’s heart – to address and meet the specific needs of individual families. With a church family representing every age and ethnicity, WHC Elkhart is eager to serve the families in the Elkhart Indiana area, providing opportunities to serve others and helping individuals to understand the living power of Jesus Christ.

Bridge of Hope
The humanitarian outreach of World Harvest Church, brings hope to the hopeless around the world by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the television broadcast “Breakthrough” and providing life-sustaining food, medical supplies and other essentials.

Center for Moral Clarity
Launched in July 2004, is a non-partisan Christian grassroots advocacy organization focusing on issues of life, faith, marriage, family, religious liberties, social justice and citizenship. CMC seeks to affect change in our nation by encouraging passionate and persuasive Christian leadership and by educating and mobilizing Christians to civic action. CMC provides tools and resources to equip everyone from ministers to individuals to be a voice and a force for moral issues.

City Harvest Network
Launched in July 2017, City Harvest Network is a ministry of Dr. Rod Parsley to encourage pastors around the world to be a part of something vibrant and vital to the kingdom of God: a community of like-minded ministers of the Gospel. Our focus is in planting and revitalizing life-giving churches to love God and love people, according to the great command of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Joni’s Journal
Experience the heart of Joni Parsley as she inspires us with practical words of wisdom, regarding family, friends, and life in general.  Learn the value of servanthood, the power of love, the depth of understanding, and the importance of appreciating all the Lord's done for us and all that He continues to do.

Valor Christian College
Birthed at the divine directive of God, Valor Christian College, “The School of the Spirit,” is a nationally known ministry training center of spiritual fellowship and growth attracting men and women from around the world and enabling them to fulfill the Great Commission and take the Gospel to the four corners of the earth. Students receive not only a quality education, but also an impartation of the anointing that is on the life and ministry of Pastor Parsley.

Harvest Preparatory School
Founded in 1986, Harvest Preparatory School brings distinctive, Christ-centered, private education to the Columbus, Ohio area. Harvest Preparatory School’s purpose is to increase students’ educational opportunities through a standard of excellence, a Christian commitment and a passion for success.
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