About Dr. Rod Parsley

About Dr. Rod Parsley

Dr. Rod Parsley Dr. Rod Parsley has been clearly called to a pre-eminent position of leadership within the Body of Christ, as his numerous roles – including TV host, evangelist, educator, humanitarian, and statesman – will attest. But he'd be the first to tell you that his prominence is solely a function of his willingness to be used by God in extraordinary ways.

He was 17 when he first led a Bible study in his parents’ backyard. In the over 50 years since then, he’s built one of the most important and far-reaching Christian ministries in the United States. He has founded and now leads outreaches with local, national, and worldwide reaches.

This New York Times best-selling author has successfully advocated for federal legislation, delivered hundreds of millions of pounds of food and medical supplies to poverty-stricken areas of the world, and changed the lives of thousands who will shape the cultural landscape in the next generation. He's in constant demand to preach the Gospel in pulpits across America and around the world, and to comment publicly on the moral issues of our day. If none of those opportunities had ever presented themselves, though, he'd still be Pastor Parsley, sharing God's Word with his beloved World Harvest Church, a multi-city congregation with campuses in Columbus, Ohio and Elkhart, Indiana, helping them know God as he does.

His other ministries include:
  • Bridge of Hope, a worldwide missions organization;
  • Valor Christian College, The School of Revival, an institution of biblically-based higher education offering fully accredited bachelor and associates of applied science degrees;
  • City Harvest Network, a soul-winning network connecting Pentecostal leaders around the world with a living legacy to expand God's kingdom;
  • Harvest Preparatory School, an educational institution for local students from grades K-12;
  • and Russian Harvest Church, a Russian-speaking outreach congregation in central Ohio.
Through Bridge of Hope, he hosts the television program Breakthrough with Rod Parsley which airs on Daystar, Faith TV, The Word Network, Impact, PTL and others, ministering the gospel to every continent and nearly every nation.

Pastor Parsley is the author of more than two hundred books, including his New York Times bestseller, Culturally Incorrect; The Finale: One World, One Ruler, One Reign; Revival If...; and his most recent, Idolatry in America.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from Ohio Christian University in Circleville, Ohio, and a doctorate from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. He and his wife, Joni Parsley, are the parents of two adult children, Ashton and Austin.


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