$50,000 Hope for Africa Matching Challenge
Help feed the starving... with TWICE the impact! Africa is in a hunger crisis — one in five Africans is hungry right now! And the World Food Programme is fast running out of funding, which means there’s no help for children and families on the brink of starvation!

The $50,000 Hope for Africa Matching Challenge is designed to double your impact up to the total amount of the fund and provide 150,000 meals to hungry children and families in Africa — along with other desperately needed aid — but only for a limited time!

Experience the Power of Prayer
There is tremendous power in prayer. On the other side of prayer is major breakthrough, major deliverance, results, supernatural, the incredible. Prayer is not an obligation ... it is a privilege.

Dr. Medina Pullings recently visited our Breakthrough studio filled with anointing and an important message about the power of prayer in your life. Learn more about how prayer is releasing heaven into the earth.
The Simplicity of the Gospel
Request "The Simplicity of the Gospel", by Pastor Rod Parsley. This is a powerful message rooted in the fundamental teachings of Christianity.

This is a valuable resource for individuals seeking a straightforward understanding of the Gospel's core principles.

Experience Resurrection Miracles in this Powerfully Prophetic Season!
Thirty-nine years ago, God instructed Pastor Parsley to direct the faith of His people at Easter to honor the way He gave His best for us on the Cross by sowing their best Resurrection Seed offering!

And each year we see resurrection miracles poured out as a result. But it all begins with your best seed sown in faith to honor the Lord Jesus Christ, the Ultimate Resurrection Seed.

VIP Weekend 2024 - You're Invited!
Get the FULL Valor Christian College VIP experience Friday, March 1 - Sunday, March 3!

Experience the revival energy of student life at Valor Christian College - where world changers are made.

Be a part of the thriving community of believers: experience powerful soul-winning ministry, and encounter God through anointed worship, and life-transforming events all weekend long. Admission is free but registration is required.

The Battle of Gog of Magog!
Prepare for the epic battle foretold in Scripture!

You need not be surprised by the violence and chaos unfolding on your TV screen.

The Bible has foretold the wars and battles taking place in diverse places ... political upheaval around the world ... Like what is happening with the Russia-Ukraine crisis!

Revival If Covenant Partners
Spark revival for our nation and our world!

I know God wants to pour revival out — and I believe it can happen when you join Pastor Rod Parsley as a Revival Covenant Partner.

It is critical, in these prophetic times, that we stand together to proclaim the Good News.
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