Pentecost Accept your appointment with the power of Pentecost and position yourself to receive Seven Amazing Blessings!

The Holy Spirit descended at Pentecost with fire and light — with miracles and power. We believe this can happen for you on Pentecost weekend 2021!

Days of Fire Email Series
Be sure you sign up for Pastor Parsley's Days of Fire Email series, which will begin May 19th! He has an anointed revelation to share with you - and a special gift - only for those who register before May 19th!
Our Gift to YOU: The Fire Within - A Guide to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit Book
Request a copy of The Fire Within from Dr. Rod Parsley that will teach you about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Learn about God's promise being fulfilled, how people are empowered, the potential realized in you, principles and practices, how God's Word says you can be filled, and how it can transform your life.

Harvest Music Live New EP
Prepare your heart for a NEW sound. “Constant,” available today!
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Scholarship Opportunities to Make You a World Changer!
Valor Christian College is "The School of the Spirit" where students from all 50 states and over 30 nations have come to be equipped as vessels for the end-time revival. From housewives to businessmen and from five-fold ministry gifts to the ministry of helps we are equipping New Testament believers to make a difference in their communities for God's kingdom.

Announcing Bachelor Degree Programs at Valor Christian College
Apply now to begin or continue your journey toward a fully accredited, four-year Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry with areas of study:

* Bible & Theology
* Leadership/Administration
* Ministry Development
* Communication
* Media

... and more! Don't wait! Answer the call of the Lord on your life TODAY!

City Harvest Network
Dr. Rod Parsley invites all Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to become a member of CITY HARVEST NETWORK and see what God can do to revitalize your ministry!

All you need to do is contact our offices at 614.382.1135 or through to connect with one of our City Harvest Network Pastors. We are ready and eager to answer your questions about what Dr. Rod Parsley and City Harvest Network can do to revitalize YOUR ministry.
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