Triple Threat Matching Challenge
Triple Threat Matching Challenge The hunger pandemic was caused by the COVID-19 crisis cutting supply lines and driving up costs. Now a plague of locusts of biblical proportions is blitzing farmlands and devastating Africa.

United Nation officials say that without immediate, direct intervention – 6,000 children will die every single day! A deadly triple threat is sweeping across Africa, including South Sudan: COVID-19, a “hunger pandemic” and now plagues of locusts that are devouring crops.

It’s Pastor Parsley’s prayer that you will be able to reach out today, and help save the lives of children and families in South Sudan, by supplying emergency food.

For the next 8 days only, the Triple Threat Matching Challenge will DOUBLE your generous gift up to a total of $50,000: every $1 becomes $2.

Your gift of $48 – doubled by the Challenge– will help provide emergency food to TWO families and help Pastor Parsley continue preaching the Gospel to a lost and hurting world through our Breakthrough and Rod Parsley Now broadcasts.

Please pray about how many families you can help today ... and return your gift with the challenge checks to represent how your generosity will be doubled!

Invitation To Sit At The King's Table

God’s Spirit moved Pastor Parsley to give you this word for 2020 and he does not want you to miss what He is saying in these critical moments. The second half of this very difficult year can be radically different for you than the first!

It’s just like the covenant between David and Jonathan in the Old Testament: although Jonathan was the son of David’s most deadly enemy, he told David: “Go in peace, since the two of us swore in the name of the Lord, saying, ‘The Lord will be between me and you, and between my descendants and your descendants forever’” (1 Samuel 20:42).

Whatever the Lord lays on your heart to do, respond in faith! Sow today and request your powerful ministry resources, believing God for your supernatural turnaround!
Respond in Faith today!
Revelation CD
In the digital message series, Revelation: Debunking the Myth Pastor Parsley Reads the entire Book of Revelation, every single chapter and every single verse – 22 chapters in all.

Covering every verse of Revelation, and Debunking the Myth takes you through the whole book with Pastor Parsley so you can receive the blessing Revelation promises and the wisdom it dispenses!

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Scholarship Opportunities to Make You a World Changer!
Valor Christian College is "The School of the Spirit" where students from all 50 states and over 30 nations have come to be equipped as vessels for the end-time revival. From housewives to businessmen and from five-fold ministry gifts to the ministry of helps we are equipping New Testament believers to make a difference in their communities for God's kingdom.

In addition to the availability of Federal Financial Aid to qualifying students, several scholarship opportunities are available to help make your story at Valor not only memorable, but affordable!

Legacy: Repairers of the Breach
Featuring Dr. Rod Parsley, founder, and chancellor of Valor Christian College and lead pastor of World Harvest Church Thursdays, 6-8:30 p.m. ET, beginning Aug. 27.

If the Church is going to lead America to a Third Great Awakening, it must re-discover its divine mandate. Unfortunately, the adversary has stolen planks from the Gospel bridge so that men and women cannot move toward their role as a holy remnant.

God has given Dr. Rod Parsley a mandate to repair the breach and restore paths to dwell in according to Isaiah 58:12. Be part of the fulfillment of that mandate through this innovative and prophetic course.

On-campus students and WHC members can register for the course as space permits. Other students can audit the class or take it for credit online.
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City Harvest Network
Dr. Rod Parsley invites all Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to become a member of CITY HARVEST NETWORK and see what God can do to revitalize your ministry!

All you need to do is contact our offices at 614.382.1135 or through to connect with one of our City Harvest Network Pastors. We are ready and eager to answer your questions about what Dr. Rod Parsley and City Harvest Network can do to revitalize YOUR ministry.

See what God can do through you when you link arms with City Harvest Network! Revival is here! Don’t miss this prophetic time in the church of Jesus Christ!

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Experience the power and presence of God through all-new preaching and teaching content from Pastor Rod Parsley, with fresh revelation in brand-new ways and times!

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