For God to Do Nothing? That’s Impossible!
Build your faith for miracles! Do you limit God by the way you live your life?  Do you believe that He could not possibly be concerned with your health, your prosperity, your relationships, or your family?

The TRUTH is one of the few things God is incapable of is inaction.  Take heart knowing He is continually and actively at work for the good of His children…for YOU.

For God to do Nothing? That’s Impossible! | Rod Parsley Pastor Parsley wants to make sure this revelation is deposited deep in your spirit – so he wants you to have, as a gift, his book, “For God to Do Nothing? That ’s Impossible” You’ll learn about:
  • The Ally – and the adversary – of your faith
  • How to move from chaos to restoration
  • The 12 indicators of a faith that does not waver
  • And much more!
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