Your Ministry Impact
Thank You!
Dear Friend,

As I reflect on all the Lord has done through our vital partnership through our Breakthrough ministry, I’m overcome with gratitude for you and the destiny-shaping impact we’re making together.

2019: Sharing the Good News through Disaster Relief
You helped our Bridge of Hope team rush 50,000 pounds of emergency relief to devastated families after Hurricane Dorian pounded the Bahamas.

Through the Breakthrough Women’s Clinic, you have helped save the lives of 5,245 babies whose mothers had been considering abortion!

With your partnership, the legacy of three-decades of broadcast ministry has produced more than 16,000 Breakthrough programs — with 3,588 individual broadcasts this year alone. Every day, on major worldwide Christian television networks, and through the Internet, to nations all over the world, you are sharing the Good News.

You continue training and sending Christian leaders through Valor Christian College – helping provide $250,440 in scholarships to promising Christian students through our World Changer Scholarship program. Through Valor, you’re equipping pastors, missionaries, children’s and youth leaders and highly qualified laypeople to impact the world for years to come.

You brought TENS OF THOUSANDS to their feet in joyous praise and worship during Dominion Camp Meeting right in the Sumrall Tabernacle at World Harvest Church – and electrified more than 430,000 through the live-streamed services online.
Together with Bridge of Hope, you have liberated over 40,000 brothers and sisters from slavery in Sudan and elsewhere. Your compassion has literally given them new hope for today and tomorrow.

Your support for Bridge of Hope delivered 29,000,000 meals of life–saving food for children and families in the most impoverished circumstances, including the killer famine in Africa.

Pastor William McDowell and Vonnie Lopez joined me to pray over multitudes of prayer needs in the 2019 BE MADE WHOLE MIRACLE, HEALING AND VICTORY PRAYER CLOTH SERVICE – and through the live-streamed event you brought hope to tens thousands!

You mounted the largest-ever outdoor crusade in the nation of Pakistan – with more than 30,000 saved! Even with virulent anti-Christian persecution, God is at work in Pakistan.

You helped plant 30 churches in Pakistan, the heart of Islam. Another – the largest ever – is being launched as you read these words! Some 3,000 people gathered for the commissioning prayer service.
Your partnership means even greater impact in the new year!

I’m committed to expanding the outreach of the Gospel even beyond the amazing achievements you see here … because I sense God calling the ministry to do more in these critical moments for the future of our nation and our world.

You and I must preach Jesus Christ crucified high on a bloody Cross and raised from the dead in power – to save, deliver, heal and transform. And your partnership today will move Breakthrough forward boldly in what the Lord is calling us to do: impact our country and our world through the pure preaching of the Gospel and the call to repentance in these final days before Christ’s return.

Together with the Lord’s help, we will continue to move forward with what He is doing through us in the world today. I promise you, what we have done together to this point is nothing to be compared to what God will do through us in the days to come. Get ready! You have not seen anything yet!

Yours Breakthrough Partner,

Pastor Rod Parsley

Rod Parsley Close