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60% to 100 % blessing
Under the direction of the Lord, I closed my childcare center in May 2014. I have been trying to sell all my equipment since September 2014.

I have prayed, sown seed, gone to the altar to have others pray with me, called forth the equipment to be sold, called for the buyer to come forth ....Nothing worked. Then recently in Sunday service, Pastor Parsley was preaching that debt and lack can hear me. I started speaking to debt and lack to get out of my life and for prosperity and money to cometh to my life NOW!

The very next day I received a call from a buyer. I sold 60 % of my inventory that day!

The items she didn't buy turned out to be most in demand to buyers. Now I am believing these items will sell for even more than the total amount I wanted. I'm on my way to 100 % sold.

- kimberly from Reynoldsburg, Ohio
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