Passover - 7 Anointings of Passover

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Dear Friend,

You are about to come under a heavy anointing for
  1. Abundance
  2. Angelic intervention
  3. Deliverance from affliction
  4. And much, much more!
These are the promises of Passover — and this year, Passover is even more packed with the potential for miracles than ever before.

Sow your Passover Offering now as a seed of faith for your blessings!
  • Passover season is when Jesus did the most miracles while He walked this earth. It is the season we can expect miracles.

  • Passover 2017 takes place in year 5777 on the Hebrew calendar where “7” is God’s number of completion and perfection. There are no coincidences in God’s plans and purposes! Three 7s means completion and perfection TRIPLED -- a trifecta of blessing for you!
All of this signals a Passover season unique in our lifetime, one which promises an overflow of abundance, healing, deliverance and more!

And I want to be sure YOU have a part in it all!

Passover is a “commanded feast.” Every Israelite had to take part.

And it holds even more meaning for you and me than it did for the children of Israel in the Old Testament. In Christ, our Passover Lamb, we have seen the realization of what was, for them, just a symbol. The Apostle Paul urges, “let us keep the feast” (1 Corinthians 5:8). There is no reason why Christians should not celebrate Passover.

God commanded this celebration and promised SEVEN anointings for those who were obedient — listed in Exodus 23 — and they are meant for YOU!
  1. Angels on assignment (Exodus 23:20). God promised an angel to guide the people into the land prepared for them.

  2. An adversary to your adversaries (Exodus 23:22). God Himself will beat back your enemies.

  3. Assets necessary for life (Exodus 23:25). Food, clothing, shelter — everything needed for you and your family to live. A blessing on your bread and water.

  4. Affliction removed (Exodus 23:25). Not only will YOU not be sick, but there won’t even be sickness around you!

  5. Agelessness (Exodus 23:26). God promised babies to barren women and to fulfill the number of our days — with long life He will satisfy us, and our youth will be renewed!

  6. Abundance overflowing (Exodus 23:31). God promised Israel a land flowing with milk and honey — a place where they would thrive! This place has been prepared for you, too!

  7. An Alpha year (Exodus 23:20-31). Passover 2017 can be the beginning of a prophetic year of living in abundance in every area — a blessing on your family, your career, your finances, your health, your emotions and more ...

This Alpha year can begin for you on Passover — I believe it. This is your moment — to sow a Passover Offering in faith for the seven anointings!
  • As you sow your generous seed, I will thank you by sending you the three–message teaching set “Unforgettable” on CD and DVD.
  • Sow $100 or more, and I will send you the “Unforgettable” teaching set on both CD and DVD, a signed hardback edition of my best–seller book “The Cross—One Man, One Tree, One Friday” AND our eight–CD Cross message set.
  • Or as you sow your seed of $300 or more, I’ll thank you by sending the “Unforgettable” teaching series, a signed hardback edition “The Cross—One Man, One Tree, One Friday,” the Cross message set on 16 discs (CD and DVD) and a special Isaiah 53 parchment scroll, which rides in an authentic leather jacket — how the ancient Israelites would have carried their most treasured scrolls.
Should the Holy Spirit prompt you to stretch your faith and sow a generous seed of $1,000 or more, I will thank you with all the above as well as:

The Family Heirloom Communion Set — with four deluxe chalices and the bread serving tray.

However the Lord leads you to respond, please sow your best in faith and submit your prayer needs online today.

Be sure to get your seed-faith gift and your prayer needs to me as soon as possible, so we can pray for you every day during God’s commanded feast, through the deadline of Tuesday, April 18.

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Pastor Rod Parsley

P.S. – This Passover season, I want to teach you specifically, and in detail in a daily email teaching series, Seven Drops of Spotless Blood, culminating with our Passover LIVE celebration as the Passover season comes to an end, Tuesday, April 18.

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