The Holiest Day on God's Calendar
The Day of Atonement: God's Holiest Day of the Year! Seven supernatural blessings promised for YOU!

The return of the Lord is at hand!

This is God’s end-time season…

Many Bible scholars believe Atonement seasons is the season when Christ will return! This would be the greatest blessing of all … but even if the Lord does not return for Atonement 2022, you can still be prepared to receive the seven amazing anointings of Atonement Pastor Parsley explains in this extraordinary teaching.
  1. A double portion from the Lord (Joel 2:23)!
  2. Financial overflow (like the threshing floor of Joel 2:24)!
  3. What you’ve lost will be restored (Joel 2:25)!
  4. An explosion of miracles (“wondrously,” Jesus says in Joel 2:26)!
  5. the divine presence of Jesus Himself (Joel 2:27)!
  6. Increased revelation knowledge and angels camping around your children (Joel 2:28)!
  7. Deliverance (Joel 2:32)!

Special Resources For This Season of Atonement

Receiving God's Direction for Difficult Days, 7 Anointings of the Atonement, Prophetic Dreams & Visions and Ark of the Covenant Statuette Understand how God desires for you to live in these last days — and how to be uniquely blessed even in a world gone mad.

God’s end-time season — AND the season of Atonement — with Pastor Parsley’s brand-new prophecy book Receiving God’s Direction for Difficult Days. 7 Anointings of the Atonement, a message on two discs to help you understand God’s desire to bless, anoint, protect and provide for you. And Prophetic Dreams & Visions, a five-message, 10-disc series to help you discover the language of heaven and the truth about our ultimate Dream Weaver!

These blessings are available to you now because of the astounding, miracle-working gift of His atonement. Discover the truth — and receive your anointing!

Also made especially available, a beautiful replica of Levite priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant. It’s a stunning work you will want to display in your home or office.

Sow Your Atonement Offering Now

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