Days of Fire
A unique season for miracles – The Day of Atonement – in the year of Jubilee – October 12
Dear Friend,

We're nearing our Pentecost Celebration: Sunday, May 28. I'm praying for you fervently - every day - that you and your loved ones would experience the fire of God's presence, power, and provision.

But I want to pray for you specifically! Please send me your prayer needs immediately so I can believe with you for the blessings of Pentecost to be released!

  • Pentecost - meaning "50 days" - is when the fire fell.
  • Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit made us new.
  • Pentecost was when the Gospel was proclaimed and thousands received liberty from the Lord Jesus Christ!

Fire doesn't stay sedentary. It doesn't remain localized. Fire moves. It spreads. It either DESTROYS or REFINES everything in its path.

Like a fire, I believe the Spirit of God intends to DESTROY every plan of attack the enemy has waged against you and REFINE you by His presence, in preparation for a THIRD Great Awakening! Infused by the fire of the Holy Spirit, hell cannot stop us!

Pentecost is the holy season when God has scheduled to meet with you in power for the miraculous in every area of your life!

One of three commanded feast celebrations ordained forever by God in the Bible, Pentecost is the time for you to receive the fire and authority that moves you from ordinary ... into power and blessing.

God commands us to celebrate this feast because it unlocks His choice blessings - and He wants the best for us.

His Word commands we do not forsake the celebration of the feasts of Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. Deuteronomy 16 also says we should "not appear before the Lord empty-handed. Every man shall give as he is able."
  1. Release your seed! A seed cannot spring up into a harvest if you never sow it.
  2. Rejoice in faith! A commanded feast means a commanded blessing. Celebrate the harvest you know is coming.
  3. Receive your harvest! The promise of Pentecost is a blessing in response to our obedience ... in one accord.

During our Pentecost Celebration, I will be joined by our anointed team of Breakthrough Prayer Warriors to pray over your needs! We will expect a miracle for you! Bring your Pentecost Offering in faith because obedience is always the key to unlocking God's blessing when He gives an instruction.

As you sow your Pentecost Offering in faith, to help me preach the glorious Gospel to a lost and hurting world in need, I want to send you two vials of anointing oil - the symbol of the Holy Spirit and the outpouring of blessings. You can keep one and give the other to a loved one.

Wherever you need to see miracle-working power, apply the anointing oil.
  • I will also send you a faith-building, power-packed teaching set on CD, DVD, and digital download, The Power of Pentecost, and 50 Moments of Pentecostal History, a historical quote-and-picture book of some of the most influential ideas and churches from the powerful history of Pentecost.
  • Should the Lord lead you to sow $1,000 or more, I want to go a step further by sending all these resources plus a beautiful tabletop Eternal Flame like Joni and I have on display.

However, the Lord leads you to respond, sow in faith today. Do not miss your Pentecost appointment with power!

Pastor Rod Parsley

Pastor Rod Parsley

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