Days of Fire
A unique season for miracles – The Day of Atonement – in the year of Jubilee – October 12

Pentecost Fire Teachings

Pentecost Fire

The Spirit of the Lord has directed me to teach you daily during these five days before we celebrate the day of Pentecost. Click here to sign up for my 5-day email teaching series, Pentecost Fire – beginning May 24th and culminating on May 28th! I want to flood your spirit with faith as you discover the miracle working power of Pentecost that was promised by Jesus Christ and is still available and at work in your life TODAY!

Pastor Rod Parsley

Pastor Rod Parsley

Days of Fire – Day 1 – Your appointment with power

Days of Fire – Day 2 – Wait for the promise of the Father

Days of Fire – Day 3 – The Holy Spirit empowers you

Days of Fire – Day 4 – Without the Spirit, we are powerless

Days of Fire – Day 5 – God said, “Nothing they do will be impossible for them

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