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Dr. Rod Parsley
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Dear Friend,

If you have been waiting and praying for a miracle — if you need an urgent answer to prayer —

I have good news for you! It’s the season of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and Resurrection Seed, the Easter-time celebration for the Breakthrough family, which is always the time of year we see and experience the most answered prayers and miracles!

This Easter will be 39 years ago when I was directed to the cross and given a prophetic word from the Lord:

“On this one day a year, commemorate how I gave My best by giving your best to Me.”

When we come together in obedience at Easter, we purpose to give our very best to honor the sacrifice of Jesus. We sow one week’s increase, one day’s increase — whatever seed the Lord lays on our hearts ...

In return, year after year, Easter Resurrection Sunday after Easter Resurrection Sunday, we have seen miracles poured out on those who honor the Lord in this way!

And this year, there is even more to anticipate, because the Holy Spirit impressed deeply on my heart that in this resurrection season of 2024, we can also expect to receive all the blessings of a miraculous open door.

Jesus Himself promised in Revelation 3:8 KJV …

“Behold, I have set before thee an open door,

and no man can shut it …”

If you will obey God’s call and walk through this door — nothing can stop you from receiving the blessings intended for YOU!

It happened for Claudette: she desperately needed a job that seemed impossible to get … but she sent us her prayer need — a job! — and a seed-faith gift.

“During the days that followed, I felt people praying for me,” she says. “I had a peace and rest I hadn’t felt in a long time.” And there’s more: She got the job she was praying for!

What is your miracle need? Consider what amazing answers to prayer we can expect in this year of the open door — physical healing, financial overflow, lost loved ones saved, straying children returning home, career advancement, business breakthroughs, and so much more!

I also encourage you to fill out the online form with your most urgent prayer needs. Then on Easter Resurrection Sunday, March 31, we will celebrate the resurrection together, and I will lead the Breakthrough Prayer Warriors in prayer for you!

I will pray for you whether you sow or not, but I urge you to sow a seed of faith — and make it your best in honor of how God gave His best for you.
  • As you sow your Resurrection Seed of faith, I want to send you, as my thank-you, a keychain with a beautiful reminder of the open door to blessing you have in 2024.

  • Sow $50 or more and receive the keychain plus my new book Everlasting Pathways to Presence to help set you on the pathway to joy every day. With gorgeous photographs of some amazing open doors, paired with powerful Scripture teaching, the book will guide you to experience God’s presence in ways you never have before.

  • When you sow $100 or more, let me thank you with the keychain, my new book, and my 4-message, 8-disc series, Gateway to Glory: Accessing God’s Open Door, that focuses on the 12 gates of heaven and their powerful, symbolic meaning for you. The teaching will guide you in walking through the open door to God’s amazing blessings. You’ll get a digital download, too.

Or, as you’re able to stretch your faith and sow $1,000 or more, I want to thank you with all these anointed ministry resources, plus:
  • A beautiful 20x24 framed print of an inviting open door with a prophetic Scripture. Displayed in your home or office, this unique work of art will remind you that 2024 is the year you walk through the God’s eternal open door of blessing! It even has the text of Revelation 3:8, “I have set before you an open door.”

Some of the greatest miracles we’ve ever seen have happened during the Season of Resurrection Seed — I urge you to honor God for giving His best at Easter by sowing your very best Resurrection Seed Offering now.

Walk through the open door to the anointed season of Resurrection now, and we’ll believe together for your abundant harvest!

Yours for the harvest,
Pastor Rod Parsley

Pastor Rod Parsley

Sow Your Resurrection Seed Now

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