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Resurrection Seed - Your Season for Miracles

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Dr. Rod Parsley
Sow Your Resurrection Seed Now

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Dear Friend,

I want you to receive this revelation deep in your spirit, directly from the word of our Almighty and Everlasting God!

It’s found in John 12:24, written in red letters — the words of the Lord Jesus:

“Truly, truly I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone. But if it dies, it bears much fruit.”

Of course, He was talking about Himself — HE was the Seed, sown by the Father (John 3:16), who expected a supernatural harvest … a family … you and me!

Shouting to you all the way from the Gospel of John, the Lord Jesus shouts to you, Friend, there is a Seed that changes everything!

And just like the original, ultimate Resurrection Seed that changed everything, today, you can sow one seed that will change your season from one of hardship or lack to one of abundance!

How does this happen? Any farmer knows a seed has life within itself, but as the Lord said — it must be sown.

The miracle-working anointing of the Resurrection Seed has the power to change everything forever!

This was revealed to me 34 years ago when I was seeking the face of God. Our little church faced great need — not just our ministry, but families in our congregation.

This is the very chair I was sitting in, when He undeniably spoke in my spirit. He pointed me to the Cross and the day of Resurrection and said this to me:

“Instruct the people, this one time every year, to commemorate … to celebrate … how I gave My Very Best,” the Lord Jesus Christ, “My Son, for you and for them on Calvary, by giving their very best to Me.”

Every year since then, Partners and Friends in our congregation and from around the world sow their very best Resurrection Seed offering, in obedience to this word and in honor of how God gave His best.

And every year, we see an outpouring of miracles in response to the radical obedience of the people: That first year, God said, “All year long, you give 10% and live on 90%. This year, see what I can do when you give the whole” – one week’s increase – as a Resurrection Seed offering.

As you do, I am believing for three significant miracles in your life:
  • What you had, but lost will be restored to you. Whatever you lost, the only reason it went away was to MULTIPLY! It’s coming back to you bigger, better, deeper and fuller!
  • What belongs to you, but you never had, will be released to you. Even if you haven’t experienced the miracle you need yet, I believe all God’s blessings will be released for you — they are still in your future!
  • What you never even knew you should have, God will give you! Things you never even dreamed of — I believe God wants to give you unimaginable miracles!

I encourage you: Pray right now about what your Resurrection Seed should be. Many sow one day’s increase, or one week’s increase, or more. But everyone — this is the key — everyone sows their very best in honor of the very best God, our Father, sowed — Christ, our Redeemer.

This one seed can change your season to one of ABUNDANT HARVEST!

And send me your most urgent prayer needs. I am setting aside a time of fasting and prayer as we head into the Easter season, and I want to be praying for your miracle.

Of course I will pray for you whether you sow a seed or not. But I have seen the power of the Resurrection Seed — and I want YOU to experience a change of season! Sow your best Resurrection Seed in expectation of your mighty harvest.

And as you sow your Resurrection Seed, I want to thank you by sending you powerful ministry resources concerning the harvest I believe God intends to pour out for you in this season of supernatural change!

This is your moment to sow a seed that changes everything … and reap a harvest of abundance!

I believe 2019 is the year when we, as members of the Breakthrough family, give birth to MIRACLES — and I want YOU to receive the blessings God intends for you!

Pastor Rod Parsley
Pastor Rod Parsley

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Sow into a proven season of miraculous healing, deliverance, financial provision, and much more!

Sow Your Resurrection Seed Now

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