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Resurrection Seed - Your Dominion Harvest

Upcoming Resurrection Season Events | Good Friday Holy Communion and Miracle Service: Friday - April 19th, at 7:00 P.M. | Resurrection Sunday Service: Sunday - April 21st at 10:00 A.M.
Dr. Rod Parsley
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Dear Friend,

My heart’s desire is to see you walking in the fullness of the abundant life God intends for you — It can happen — I believe it will happen — in the season of the Resurrection Seed.

The Passover-Resurrection season is always marked by supernatural signs and wonders:
  • It’s when the Israelites were freed from bondage in Egypt,
  • When the Lamb of God shed His blood to purchase our freedom,
  • When Jesus rose in victory, signaling His triumph over death — and eternal life for you and me!
Christ’s perfect, matchless, spotless blood does not bow to coronavirus. COVID-19 must answer to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

The Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, was God’s ultimate Seed, sown on the Cross of Calvary, to change all creation forever. A Resurrection Seed. 

This is the 36th anniversary of the Resurrection Seed revelation God gave me, that this is the most fertile season for miracles of the year. Get ready for A Harvest of Hope!

This is the very chair I was sitting in 36 years ago, when God spoke undeniably in my spirit during this resurrection season.

As I sat there, He gave me a specific instruction … a word in season — the resurrection season. A word with resurrection power!

God said to me, “Instruct the people, this one time every year, to commemorate … to celebrate … how I — God — gave my very best … my Son, for you and for them on Calvary, by giving their very best.”

This is a prophetic word … a tried and tested word …

For the last 36 years, our ministry family has come together to give their very best at Easter, to sow one week’s income, one day’s income — whatever seed God placed in their hands ...

God wasn’t surprised by coronavirus or COVID-19 — or any other circumstance — when He said He would respond in miraculous ways when we honor Him in this season.

It may be that this year, your best is less than it was last year or even last month. The size of your seed is not what’s important. But what is crucial is that it is your best.

In order to encourage your faith as we believe for a brand-new season of Resurrection Miracles in your life, I want to lead you, for seven days — from Palm Sunday to Easter Resurrection Morning — in a special email teaching series: A Harvest of Hope.

I also want to pray for your most urgent needs — on Easter weekend, from Good Friday to Resurrection Sunday, I will pray over your needs and we’ll declare A Harvest of Hope for you!

I will pray for you whether you sow a seed or not, of course, but I encourage you to honor God’s Best, the Lord Jesus Christ, by giving your best to Him! Then watch and see what He does as He fulfills His promise. Just please don’t wait another moment — let me hear from you today!

Please do not delay! Easter is right around the corner! I want you to experience restoration, financial freedom, debt cancellation, and a tremendous resurrection harvest in every area of your life!

Yours for the harvest,

Pastor Rod Parsley
Pastor Rod Parsley

P.S. – Sign up for my A Harvest of Hope 7-day email teaching series, leading up to Resurrection Sunday, as we believe God together for your miracle harvest!

Sow into a proven season of miraculous healing, deliverance, financial provision, and much more!

Sow Your Resurrection Seed Now

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