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Release The Rest! - Resurrection Seed 2015
Resurrection Seed

Dear Friend,

2015 is a prophetic year like none other! A year that sees the culmination of four red blood moons. The conclusion of the 49th Shemitah Year. A start of a Year of Jubilee!

The Spirit of the Lord has spoken to my heart clearly... in 2015, God is going to RELEASE the REST.

  • The rest of His peace into your heart and mind, into your marriage and family.
  • The rest of His provision into your life. I believe 2015 is a year of new jobs ... new homes ... paid-off mortgages... financial freedom... and SUPERNATURAL DEBT CANCELLATION!
  • The rest of His presence — His anointing, His strength, His healing.

YES, God is going to release the rest -- the end of anxiety about your health, your family, your finances, your future ... But there is a second meaning to this promise of "the rest":

God is also going to release THE REST OF THE

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive your uncommon harvest during this supernatural season... peace... joy... and the REST of what God has in store for you... that you haven't yet possessed!

The Chair I was sitting in when God gave me the revelations of Resurrection Seed This is the very chair I was sitting in, 30 years ago, when God spoke undeniably in my spirit during this resurrection season.

He gave me a specific instruction... a Word in season — the resurrection season. A Word with resurrection power!

God said to me, “Instruct the people, this one time every year, to commemorate... to celebrate... how I — God — gave my very best... my Son, for you and for them on Calvary, by giving their very best.”

This is a prophetic word... a tried and tested word... a proven word for 30 years!

STEP out in uncommon faith, and SEE what God will do when you respond in obedience to the Word of the Lord. SOW your very best today as a Resurrection Seed offering.

That first year, God said “All year long, you give 10% and live on 90%... This year, see what I can do when you give the whole” — one week’s increase — as a Resurrection Seed offering.

Every year since then, as we come together in response to this Word from God to bring praise, honor, and glory to Him who gave the Ultimate Resurrection Seed for us... the Lord Jesus Christ... by giving our very best Resurrection Seed offering, miracles abound!

Some continue today, to sow one week’s income. Some sow one day’s income. But every one sows their very best. What will you do to commemorate God’s very first Resurrection Seed?

This year’s resurrection season is unlike any other you or I will ever experience in this lifetime — unlike any other for another 500 years!

Passover’s High Holy Day and Good Friday are taking place on the same day, Friday, April 3rd. The very next day — the day between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday — Saturday, April 4th ... for only the eighth time since the Lord Jesus’ walked the earth, the third of a tetrad — four red blood moons that fall on Passover and Tabernacles — will manifest.

I believe God has given us THIS season — and its uncommon celestial clues — to show us His uncommon favor, in response to uncommon faith!

2015 Resurrection Seed - Divine Encounter Product Offers Step out in uncommon faith. Sow your very best Resurrection Seed offering today, to commemorate when God gave His very best... the first Resurrection Seed... the Lamb of God, Christ our Redeemer.

As you sow your very best today... I will thank you by sending you my new book Divine Encounter, and my audio CD message series Release the Rest.

Sow a seed of $115 or more — to commemorate 2015 — and I will send you the book, the CDs and the Release the Rest sermon series on DVD as well.

As you stretch out in faith and sow a seed of $1,015 or more, I will send you all of the above, and my powerful 30 Years of Harvest set on CD and jump drive. I will also inscribe your name or the name of a loved one at our Calvary Memorial right here at the worldwide Breakthrough campus — a permanent testimony to your faith.

2015 Resurrection Seed - Calvary Memorial Prayer Altar Remember to send me your prayer requests, so I can place them on the altar to be prayed over in faith during our Resurrection Sunday Service on Sunday, April 5th at 10am Eastern Time.

If you can’t be with us in person, be sure to watch LIVE online at 10am Eastern Time tomorrow morning on and

Thank you so much for your prayers and support of our vital ministry. Joni and I are praying for you each and every day, and we can’t wait to hear about all that God does in your life this Resurrection Season!

Pastor Rod Parsley
Pastor Rod Parsley

P.S. The Spirit of the Lord has spoken to me to teach you daily during the seven days before Easter, Resurrection Sunday. Click here to sign up for my 7 Days of Divine Encounter daily email teachings, concerning the incredible blessing God has planned for His people in this anointed season — according to His calendar.

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