Resurrection Seed

Upcoming Resurrection Season Events | Good Friday Holy Communion and Miracle Service: Friday - April 19th, at 7:00 P.M. | Resurrection Sunday Service: Sunday - April 21st at 10:00 A.M.
Dr. Rod Parsley
Sow Your Resurrection Seed Now

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Dear Friend,

This is the year of “I shall not want,” the year of no lack and no fear

And now begins the season of abundance to usher in all the blessings God intends for you! It’s the season of the Resurrection Seed!

Get ready for miracles, friend! It’s time for you to experience the power of the resurrection: personally, practically, powerfully, supernaturally!

Thirty-eight years ago, in the time leading up to Easter, the Lord spoke into my spirit:

“On this one day a year, commemorate how I
gave My best by giving your best to Me.”

This was a divine word from the Lord!

Its prophetic origin was proven that very year — and every year since:
  • For 38 years now, our ministry family has rallied to sow their VERY BEST at Easter: one week’s increase, one day’s increase — or more ...
  • And God has responded with an outpouring of miracles!

I can’t predict what the Holy Spirit will do, but I know what the Holy Spirit has done, every year now for the past 38 years, for those who obey this divine instruction — this word from the Lord has been proven again and again and again through ...
  • Physical healing
  • Marriages and families restored
  • Business and career breakthroughs
  • Children saved
  • Miraculous financial provision
  • And much more!

Resurrection Seed 2023 can be your supernatural season for a miracle!

The Holy Spirit impressed in my heart that because this is 2023, we can expect the fulfillment of the promises of Psalm 23 as we honor God with our best.

So how do you receive God’s goodness and mercy every day?

I believe you can experience all this and more by the power of the Resurrection Seed!

Sow your seed now — to honor God giving His best for you at Easter — and fill out the online prayer form with your most urgent needs.

Then, on Easter Sunday, April 9, we will celebrate the resurrection together, and I will lead the Breakthrough Prayer Warriors in prayer for you. (Of course, I will pray for you whether you sow or not, but I urge you to honor God with your best.)

  • As you sow your Resurrection Seed of faith, I want to send you, as my thank-you, my brand-new book, I Shall Not Want. It will show you how to receive the blessings of “I shall not want” into your life, starting now.
  • Sow $50 or more and receive my brand-new 8-disc, 4-message teaching series Psalm 23: A Living Psalm to help bring the promises of the 23rd Psalm alive for you!
  • When you sow $100 or more, let me thank you with my new book and teaching, plus a gorgeous 50X60 throw blanket, emblazoned with the beautiful text of Psalm 23. You will literally be able to wrap yourself in the warmth of this comforting Scripture.

Or, as you’re able to stretch your faith and sow $1,000 or more, I want to thank you with all of this and:
  • A limited-edition pewter plate, specifically commissioned for our Breakthrough family, featuring a beautiful representation of our Good Shepherd and the promise I Shall Not Want.

However you are led by the Holy Spirit to sow, make it your very best seed of faith. And be sure to fill out the online prayer form, too.

2023 is your year of “I shall not want.” Whatever your need, I believe God will supply as you obey Him in faith.

Yours for the harvest,
Pastor Rod Parsley

Pastor Rod Parsley

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Sow Your Resurrection Seed Now

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