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Upcoming Resurrection Season Events | Good Friday Holy Communion and Miracle Service: Friday - April 19th, at 7:00 P.M. | Resurrection Sunday Service: Sunday - April 21st at 10:00 A.M.
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God sowed one Seed
– and changed everything for you!

God sowed a seed to raise a family of beloved children … He sowed His own Son, sacrificed on the Cross so all humanity could be born again.

This sacrice brought about a new season for all creation. In One Seed Changed Everything, Pastor Rod Parsley shows you how to change your season in 2019 and usher in a season of prosperity and blessing – the one God intends for you!
  • New easy-to-read book from Pastor Rod Parsley!
  • Core revelation of how to understand God’s prophetic word for you today.
  • Begin living in the health and abundance you are promised as a child of the King.

Ticked: Just Angry
Enough to Be Blessed

Get mad at the devil – get blessed by God!

Acts 16 begins the story of how the Apostle Paul got downright mad at the devil … and the devil threw his worst at Paul: arrest, beatings, imprisonment – but by the end of the story an earthquake rocks the jail – a supernatural event to set Paul free!

Discover how getting angry with the enemy can lead to receiving abundant blessings from the Lord in this inspiring message on CD and DVD from Pastor Parsley.

Pastor Parsley’s six-disc series, Change Your Season, will open your eyes to the revelation of the biblical pattern for blessing and how you can tap into this deep well for your supernatural harvest with a single seed!

Increase your faith – sow $1,000 or more – and you’ll ALSO receive Pastor Parsley’s Resurrection Seed Legacy Collection!

This unparalleled collection rides in a special-edition, leather-bound wooden box and will be beautifully personalized with your name.

It includes Pastor Parsley’s definitive books that explore the full revelation of the Resurrection Seed and the power of sowing and reaping, including:
  • Releasing the Power of the Resurrection
  • The Commanded Blessing: Overtaken by God’s Provision for a Life Without Lack
  • Seven Shouts To Your Harvest
  • Your Harvest Is Come: How to Give Birth to a ThreeFold Miracle Harvest in the Spiritual, Physical and Financial Areas of Your Life
  • Your Harvest Is Here
Plus two classic message series:
  • Your Now Season (on seven DVDs)
  • 10 Timeless Truths of Supernatural Turnaround (on 10 CDs)
It also includes a beautiful, etched crystal paperweight – inscribed with the words One Seed Changed Everything to remind you of the promises of God’s prophetic word.

I believe these blessings will be yours as you sow in faith this Resurrection season:
  • What you had but lost will be restored to you. I believe whatever you lost will come flooding back to you and multiplied – bigger, better, deeper and fuller than it was when you lost it!
  • What belongs to you but you never had will be released for you. I believe you’ll receive what belongs to you, according to God’s promises. Healing, deliverance, abundance, joy!
  • What you never even knew you should have, God will give you! I believe you can receive what Ephesians 3:20 calls “exceedingly abundantly” above all you can ask or imagine!
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Pastor Rod Parsley
Pastor Rod Parsley

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