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I Shall Not Want

A practical guide to receiving the promises of Psalm 23

This unique, easy-to-read, practical guide to the powerful truths of the 23rd Psalm will show you why “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want” is among the very first passages of Scripture we learn as children ... and how its promises can provide us with God’s favor and abundance all the days of our lives!

Sow $50 or more and receive the new book plus …

The 4-message, 8-disc teaching series on CD and DVD

Learn to walk in the living blessings of Psalm 23 every day!

Pastor Parsley’s brand-new teaching series will help you step into a moment-by-moment experience of all the promises of Psalm 23 — protection, provision, peace, and so much more can be yours as the 23rd Psalm comes alive in your life!

Sow $100 or more and you will receive the book and teaching, plus:

Psalm 23 Throw Blanket

Wrap yourself in one of the most comforting Scriptures in the Bible!

This 50x60 throw will warm your heart with the text of one of the most beloved Psalms.

*Blanket varies slightly from artist rendering shown on this page.

Or, as you’re able to stretch your faith and sow $1,000 or more, I want to thank you with all of this and:

A limited-edition pewter plate

This pewter plate was specifically commissioned for our Breakthrough family, featuring a beautiful representation of our Good Shepherd and the promise I Shall Not Want.

I believe these blessings will be yours as you sow in faith this Resurrection season!

In response to the word God first spoke to me so clearly 38 years ago regarding the Resurrection Seed, countless thousands have responded in faith and experienced God’s miracle touch and supernatural transformation in their lives. Some sow one week’s increase. Some sow one day’s increase. The key is agreement — that everyone sows their very best.

Please respond today!

Pastor Rod Parsley

Pastor Rod Parsley

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