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Open Door in 2024 keychain!

This keepsake gift will remind you every day that the King of glory, the Lord strong in battle, is walking with you through your open door to abundance every day of this year.

Sow $50 or more, and you will receive the keychain plus ...

A brand-new book from Pastor Rod Parsley

Pastor Parsley just finished this brand-new book, Everlasting Pathways to Presence, complete with gorgeous illustrations and photographs of amazing open doors from around the world — to remind you that you are now walking through the door to supernatural blessing in 2024 and help you walk in the power of God’s presence and experience joy in each new day.

Sow $100 or more, and you will receive the keychain and new book plus ...

A powerful 8-disc, 4-message series from Pastor Rod Parsley

Gateway to Glory: Accessing God’s Open Door will build your faith to walk through the open door to your abundance, healing, and victory! Pastor Parsley will guide you through the uniqueness of the 12 gates of heaven, what their opening means, and the opening door that God is providing for you in the year ahead. You’ll also receive a digital download of the series.

Stretch your faith to sow $1,000 or more and receive all of the resources, as well as ...

Open Door framed print

A beautiful 20x24 framed print of an inviting open door skillfully reminds you that this is the year the King of glory is opening a new door to a miraculous future for you! Perfect for display in your home or office. To remind you that no one can shut the door on your supernatural harvest in 2024, the print even contains the promise of Revelation 3:8 to build your faith each day.

I believe these blessings will be yours as you sow in faith this Resurrection season!

In response to the word God first spoke to me so clearly 39 years ago regarding the Resurrection Seed, countless thousands have responded in faith and experienced God’s miracle touch and supernatural transformation in their lives. Some sow one week’s increase. Some sow one day’s increase. The key is agreement — that everyone sows their very best.

Please respond today!

Pastor Rod Parsley

Pastor Rod Parsley

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