Dear Friend,

You can experience the tangible, transferable anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ imparted through a simple piece of cloth!

It’s all there in Acts 19:11-12:
“Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them.”
Such is the power of Almighty God’s tangible anointing! (read more)

The Holy Spirit has directed me to conduct a Miracle, Healing & Victory Prayer Cloth Service where we will pray over your needs and a prayer cloth for you in this year where YOU become HIS Legacy!

Request YOUR prayer cloth now – and I will send it to you, full of incredible spiritual potential for miracles!

No anointing ever leaves the earth!
  • They don’t need anointing in heaven. There is no sickness or need there!
  • They can’t have the anointing in hell. The Holy Spirit is never there.
  • But I believe that here on this earth, once the anointing is imparted, it does not leave.
The anointing that was on the Apostle Paul in Acts 19 … and on Smith Wigglesworth, Dr. Howard Carter, and my spiritual father, Dr. Lester Sumrall, didn’t leave when they departed – the anointing is still here … and by God’s grace and power, it’s available to you and me today!

I want YOU to receive the tangible transfer of it to meet you at your point of need.  Send me your prayer requests now, and as the Holy Spirit leads you, sow a seed in faith, believing God for a harvest of miracle-release.
  1. On that incredible night, November 12, I will place your requests and prayer cloth, anointed with oil, before the cross.
  2. Joining me in prayer directly over those needs will be my good friend Pastor Guillermo Maldonado (bio) – whose ministry around the world has been abundantly used for healing and miracles.  We’ll lead a multitude of prayer warriors in intercession for you …
  3. We’ll celebrate and broadcast worldwide our LEGACY MIRACLE HEALING AND VICTORY PRAYER CLOTH SERVICE …
  4. Then: I will send you a prayer cloth from this service, prayed over and saturated in the anointing … the tangible, transferable anointing!
I have seen God move in mighty miracles, again and again.  Click here to read some powerful testimonies of what God has done!  Hallelujah!

The same Jesus that works miracles in the lives of these is available – willing and able – to move in YOUR life, if you will take a step of faith!

For what can you believe God to do for YOU? Request your prayer cloth TODAY!

We will believe God for you to experience His tangible touch with miracle-working power in the areas of:
  • Physical healing
  • Financial breakthrough
  • Deliverance from bondage
  • Salvation for loved ones
Set your miracle in motion. Obey God’s Word. Express your faith. Sow your seed. Request your prayer cloth.

And put a reminder in your smart phone or on your calendar for the LEGACY MIRACLE, HEALING AND VICTORY PRAYER CLOTH SERVICE, Sunday, November 12.  Make plans to join us today in Columbus, Ohio!

Pastor Rod Parsley
Pastor Rod Parsley

Legacy Miracle, Healing and Victory
Prayer Cloth Service

Submit your greatest prayer needs and

Miracle Healing & Victory
Prayer Cloth Service

Sunday - Nov. 12th
7:00PM ET

Daystar Network
Monday - Nov. 13th
8:00PM ET

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