No anointing ever leaves the earth!

What God did for them … He will do for you! Listen to the stories of their faith with your heart, and believe!


The atmosphere of expectancy is the breeding ground for miracles!

Over the years Roger and his wife have witnessed miracle after miracle through the worldwide ministry of Breakthrough. So when faced with a second kidney stone Roger expected a miracle and is praising God today for his forever miracle.

A Miracle Decades in the Making

Nearly three decades ago, Mary received the report from her doctor … a type of cancer that for many is a death sentence. But Mary had a prayer cloth …

The Power of A Prophetic Word

Jen was in excruciating pain and the doctor’s report was grim when she received a prophetic Word that changed everything.

She sowed it all!

Arleen, a single parent in South Carolina, was struggling financially. She was “robbing Peter to pay Paul” every single month, just trying to get by.

But then received a prayer cloth from our ministry. She didn’t have enough money in the bank to pay even one of her bills – so she decided to step out in bold faith, and sow everything she had.

It wasn’t much – but she asked God for an “uncommon financial harvest.”

When Pastor Parsley returned her prayer cloth, full of the anointing, she put it in the back of her checkbook. And miracles began happening.

By the end of that month, she became a real estate broker. “Within a five-month period,” she recalls, “God blessed me with an influx of real estate transactions which totaled about $34,600.”

Arleen paid off all her bills, and even set up an emergency fund! “Since then,” she adds, “I have anonymously started helping others who are in need…. I give praise to God for the complete turnaround in my life!”
Doctors gave him zero chance of survival

Cody is a walking, talking, living example of a “beyond” miracle. He was born with hydranencephaly – the absence of the two halves of the brain – nothing but a brain stem. His skull was severely swollen with cerebral fluid.

The doctors gave him zero chance of survival.

But Cody’s parents are people of faith. They believed God for a “beyond” miracle. These are people who sow seeds of faith – who understand the power of the prayer cloth – who trust the promise of God’s Word!

Cody’s very next CAT scan shocked the medical professionals: he had brain tissue where there had been none before! By six months of age, he had a fully functioning brain! Two surgeries reduced his head size …

… And today he’s normal and healthy!

There is no scientific explanation for this. But the medical documentation confirms it! It’s beyond miraculous!
“Paid in full!”

David D., in New Jersey, was deep in debt. He had already declared bankruptcy.

Two and a half years later, he was still facing 30 months of payments – still $64,000 in debt.

But then he learned the truth about the TRANSFORMING TOUCH of God through an anointed prayer cloth.

He sowed a seed and requested one. And Pastor Rod Parsley went to prayer.

The anointing transferred from Pastor Parsley to that prayer cloth. He sent it to David. David held that little square of cloth in his hands – and the anointing transferred from the prayer cloth to him. He began carrying it with him everywhere he went.

His faith grew … and grew … and grew.

And then – in April – he went to his mailbox.

There was an envelope. He opened it.

Inside was a letter. He read the words – but he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“My debt was paid in full!” he recalls.

“I was in shock. I still owed $64,000 – but God miraculously canceled it all, in one moment!

“In one day, I went from owing $64,000 to ZERO DEBT!”
“Bare bones.”

That’s how Marty described his painting business. Both his business and his personal finances were in bad shape.

He was thinking about bankruptcy – to survive a $27,000 business loan, a $12,000 business vehicle loan, a $22,000 personal vehicle loan, and $5,700 in personal credit card debt. Meanwhile, he was so far behind on his mortgage, he had already been served with foreclosure papers. Marty and his wife were also struggling to pay the childcare bill for their two daughters – and doctor bills for their youngest child were delinquent.

“I was failing!” Marty recalls. But God brought him into our Breakthrough ministry family, and Marty was inspired to try obeying God’s Word about sowing and reaping, trusting the Lord to provide.

He took a prayer cloth.

He sowed a seed. And by faith, he wrote down a seemingly outlandish statement: “I am expecting God to move so that my business will be debt-free next year.”

And God did!

“In the next two months, God moved big!” Marty says. He got a new job, with a great manager. He began sowing seed from his paycheck every single week. Soon he had paid off his business loan – then his business vehicle loan – then his credit card debt – and one by one, the rest of his bills too. Every last one. Today Marty’s business is debt-free!

What will God do for YOU when you share your need, send your prayer cloth, sow your seed and trust Him for a miracle?
His medical record: a horror movie

Cancer suddenly engulfed Jeff. One tumor in his throat was so large, he couldn’t speak, eat or drink. For four months he never stood on his feet.

His condition seemed to go from bad to worse. His record reads like a horror movie: “coma,” “low blood oxygen,” “blood transfusion,” “liver failure,” “kidney failure,” “heart failure,” “severe sepsis,” “double pneumonia,” “high fever,” “internal bleeding,” “malnourished,” “radiation” – and on and on.

He had 16 blood transfusions, 25 radiation treatments, in six different medical facilities in two different states. He lost 48 pounds. On three separate occasions, the doctors said he was about to die.

But there was ONE POWER GREATER than the power of that cancer: the power of the TRANSFORMING TOUCH. Jeff slept with a prayer cloth on his throat.

And the day came when Satan finally gave up. Jeff woke up – wanted food – wanted to watch football! The doctors watched in awe as day by day, the tumors shrank away.

The day soon came when Jeff walked out of that hospital. Staffers were crying and clapping and cheering. One doctor simply said in amazement, “You’re healed!”

This is the power of the prayer cloth, the TRANSFORMING TOUCH!
In the Nick of Time…

Wayne’s father was critically ill. Wayne took him a prayer cloth, believing for his salvation. But it seemed hopeless.

Months went by. When his father slipped into unconsciousness, it seemed all was lost. But then, he began spontaneously talking to Jesus … going through the sinner’s prayer, on his own!

“There wasn’t any human leading him in it,” Wayne says, “and he was speaking directly to Jesus by name!”

Only hours later, he slipped into heaven, to find his new friend.

“When we were packing up his belongings at the hospital,” Wayne says, “we found the prayer cloth in the drawer next to his bed. He had kept it with him the entire time!” what will god do for you, as you step out in faith?

“God really blew me away with his faithfulness and mercy,” Wayne says today. “If God would not have supernaturally intervened, my father would be in hell right now. Instead, he is in heaven. Thank you, Jesus!”
How deeply do you understand the TRANSFORMING TOUCH that the prayer cloth represents?

How ready are you for the anointing to be transferred to you through a simple rectangle of fabric – to change your life?

What will God do for YOU when you share your need, request your prayer cloth, sow your seed and trust Him for a miracle?

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