Why a Prayer Cloth?

"Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them.” – Acts 19:11-12

Countless individuals have received their miracles over the years through the anointing resident in a prayer cloth. (Read some testimonies here!)  There is absolutely nothing special about a piece of cloth, but it CAN be the catalyst that releases God’s transforming touch into your life – the key to your physical or emotional miracle … financial healing … a loved one’s salvation … deliverance from addiction … transformation in your relationships … supernatural blessing!

The Apostle Paul transferred his anointing by laying hands on the sick – and they recovered! Paul also touched handkerchiefs and aprons that were brought to him, and diseases left people and evil spirits went out of them. As people touched the transferable anointing God placed on the cloth, they were healed. A simple piece of cloth can work in the same way for you!

In the same way, the woman with the issue of blood in Matthew 9 had suffered long. She was out of money. She was desperate for a miracle – desperate for the Healer’s touch. When Jesus came to town, she reached out and grabbed His garment. She had faith for her “beyond” miracle, the miracle she had longed for.

She had been forbidden to touch anybody for 12 years because of her condition: she was “unclean.” But her need drove her. Her pain propelled her. Her faith was a faith of desperation.

And she was transformed! Not by the fabric of Jesus’ garment, but by the anointing IN it. It took her from the mundane to the miraculous, beyond anything she could have imagined! She was made whole!

Maybe you’ll never make physical contact with Pastor Rod Parsley. But you can still experience the anointing that God has placed on his life … because the anointing is tangible and transferable.

YOUR MIRACLE AWAITS YOU! Reach out by faith through this simple point of contact … a prayer cloth.

Pastor Rod Parsley will pray over your requests during our Be Made Whole PRAYER CLOTH SERVICES in Columbus, Ohio, November 20 - 21, 2020.

Pastor Tony Suarez and Dr. Medina Pulling – two powerful evangelists and speakers whose ministries are marked by miracles, signs, and wonders – will be here that evening and they want to see God’s miraculous power manifested in your life!

Joining us live online will be a multitude of faith-filled prayer warriors worldwide, praying over your needs and for God to anoint your prayer cloth, which will be here on the altar during our Be Made Whole Prayer Cloth Service.

You do NOT want to miss this event!  Join us in person on during those remarkable services  or find out how to watch the worldwide broadcast here!

Then, we will send you that prayer cloth, saturated in the anointing, that you can put in contact with your needs and receive your transforming touch!

Get Your Prayer Cloth

Request your own personal prayer cloth from the Be Made Whole Prayer Cloth Service altar to receive the anointing from God to meet your every need!  Be sure to submit your greatest prayer requests electronically so they can be lifted up in prayer and present on the altar.

Powerful Teaching Resources

At the direction of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Rod Parsley also wants you to encourage your faith for miracles as we come together in faith on that night.

Be Made Whole
Prayer Cloth Services

Pastor Tony Suarez
Dr. Medina Pullings
Dr. Rod Parsley

Fri, Nov. 20 @ 7pm ET
Sat, Nov. 21 @ 7pm ET

Featuring Worship with
Chris Degen, Charity Gayle,
Harvest Music Live

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