The Holiest Day on God's Calendar
The Day of Atonement: God's Holiest Day of the Year! Seven supernatural blessings promised for YOU!

Days of Awe Teachings

Day 5 – Boldness by the Spirit

Over the past several days of these 10 Days of Awe, I have shown you how God our Father is intimately concerned with seasons, cycles, and timing. That’s why I believe He has instructed me to build your faith over these, some of the most exciting and biblically prophetic days of the entire year.

Over the last several days, we’ve discussed our repented posture, during these anointed days, where we once again invite the Lord Jesus Christ to be crowned in every area of our hearts, reaffirming His Kingship and Lordship over every detail and intricacy of our lives.

He is Lord of all! That is and must become the overwhelming message we should learn from these 10 days. Though repentance is our calling every day of the year, and though we should be quick always to seek the face of God for forgiveness, there’s also a very special need in our lives for purity, for holiness – for being separate for Him!

After all, Hebrews 4:13 declares, “There is no creature that is not revealed in His sight, for all things are bare and exposed to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.”

But Thank God, this season is not only to “give account.” The author of Hebrews continues in verse 16:

“Let us then come with confidence to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord Jesus! Glory to the Lamb of God, who removes our sin like east is removed from west and through whose blood we have access to come boldly before the throne of Almighty God!

That’s what I’m doing over these 10 powerful days of awe: Standing before the Lord in prayer and petition for you! Please send me your prayer needs today so I can agree with you over these next couple of days – through the Day of Atonement, the holiest day on God’s celestial calendar!

And remember to bring your Atonement Offering before the Lord in this anointed season of Tabernacles, as He instructs in Deuteronomy 16:16. As you sow your Atonement Offering into our ministry, you’ll be helping me declare the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ around the world in every way I can.

Whatever you do, make sure you continue to join me in pursue God’s presence. Get alone until you’re not alone: The proof of desire is in the pursuit! Focus on His heart, on His Spirit. As these 10 Days of Awe continue, I believe God is going to show us His wonder! Hallelujah!

In the name of the Lord,

Pastor Rod Parsley

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