The Holiest Day on God's Calendar
The Day of Atonement: God's Holiest Day of the Year! Seven supernatural blessings promised for YOU!

Days of Awe Teachings

Day 7 – The seven promised anointings

We are reaching the final days of the 10 Days of Awe! The Day of Atonement – Yom Kippur – the holiest day on God’s calendar is just a few days away!

We have consecrated ourselves, acknowledging God as King of our lives and casting away all the sin that so easily besets us. We have examined ourselves, and asked Christ to cleanse and sanctify us, making us a pure vessel before the Father.

But we know there is not only consecration and rededication during this season. There is also great anticipation of Almighty God releasing seven blessings on His people, according to the book of Joel, chapter 2.

Each year during this season of Atonement, until the coming of the Lord, God rewards those who act in faith and obedience to His command to celebrate the feast with the promise of seven blessings, including a double portion!

God commanded the High Priest of Israel to “make an atonement upon the altar” for the forgiveness of sin (Leviticus 17:11). This is a picture – a symbol – of what God is asking His people to do, especially in this anointed, prophetic season.

What will you lay on the altar?

  • Maybe you could give of your time or energy.
  • Maybe you will make a concerted effort to bring your family before the Lord to encounter the God of miracles who loves them.
  • Maybe you’ll lay down that habit or addiction that the Holy Spirit has been speaking to you about and finally stand in His victory!
  • Maybe there’s a seed God’s speaking to you about. After all, our finances are a representation of our time, energy, and life when we trade time for money as we work.

The Apostle Paul further says, “work as unto the Lord,” (Colossians 3:23). That’s why my family and I give financially into the kingdom, and why we encourage everyone to do the same. It isn’t about money. It’s about signaling to God that we are willing to be obedient … with our lives. And that’s what God wants to bless!

I don’t know what it is for you, but there is something important to you … something that represents your life. And in this Tabernacles season of Atonement, God’s people are to offer it as a gift to the Lord (Deuteronomy 16:16), believing they will in fact receive seven promised blessings:
  1. A DOUBLE portion from the Lord (Joel 2:23) … TWICE the power of every blessing!
  2. Overflowing, overwhelming financial breakthrough (like the threshing floor of Joel 2:24)!
  3. What you’ve lost – RESTORED (Joel 2:25)!
  4. An explosion of special miracles (“wondrously,” the Lord says in Joel 2:26)!
  5. The divine presence of Jesus Himself in your everyday life! (Joel 2:27)
  6. Increased revelation knowledge – with angels camped around your children (Joel 2:28)!
  7. Deliverance and freedom from every attempt of the adversary to keep you from your victory (Joel 2:32)!

I beseech you: Honor God on His holiest day of the year. Not only in consecration and rededication, but with celebration and anticipation of the seven blessings and all that God is about to pour out on His people who are whole-heartedly submitted to Him!

The Day of Atonement is just a few short days away! Make sure to send me your prayer needs so I can continue to lift you up, but specifically, over these remaining Days of Awe.

Pastor Rod Parsley

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